Advice for ebay buyer please?

  1. I have always been lucky with eBay but I think my number may have just come up.
    I won a Chanel, listed as in Kansas City. I emailed the seller to let him know how excited I was & he immediately starts buttering me up, with how patient I am blah blah blah, which makes me suspicious.
    So I ask him for a tracking # & the next thing I get is some story about how he has sold his current inventory to local buyers & my purse has to come out of Shanghai. WTF?
    I did email him back to tell him I understood that my bag was in KC.
    Naturally, I'm getting scared that something is going to go wrong.
    He has sent me an EMS tracking #.
    What would you do?
  2. what is the auction #?
  3. 260196137349
  4. How did he run out of "stock" on a vintage, pre-owned bag? If he's getting you another bag, then where is the one in the auction you won?

    i don't like this.....:sad:
  5. ^^^agree with the above ...he also has taiwan as the item location on the 2 bags that are currently listed
  6. Sounds like the bag could be a "replica". I had this happen to me - the item wasn't a handbag it was a jersey. Anyway, the seller stated that the item was in maryland, however, when the bag arrived the packaging had stamps from China. The jersey ended up being a total fake - got a refund from seller. If I were you, I would see if you can cancel the transaction.
  7. I agree. ask to cancel. His email to you telling you that he ran out of "inventory" :s basically says you're not getting the bag in the auction so you shouldn't have a problem with eBay or Paypal. good luck :smile:
  8. It sounds like the seller has stolen the picture from others, and claimed a fake Chanel to be pre-owned if the item will be shipped from oversea. I saw these picture before, and if you do a search on ioffer, you will see some similar pictures. You should cancelled the transaction or do a charge back.

    And also if you looked at this seller's other listing, white Chanel coco. It's fake.
  9. Thanks to all of you for the expert opinions, I'll let you know how this goes.
  10. Well, I did email him but I have a feeling that he will suddenly drop off the planet.
    I knew my string of good buys was just too good to be true!
    Thanks everyone.
  11. I don't have a good feeling about this transaction. This seller only has two feedbacks from selling and one of them are neutral. You probably need to prepare to fight for a fake sale. I am sorry....
  12. I talked to eBay livechat last night & basically am told that I have to wait for the bag then open a SNAD dispute.
    In the meantime, I have been contacting the seller thru ebay, telling him I won the vintage bag that is in KC, that's the only one I want & that if he can't get me that one, he has broken a contract & he should refund my money right now to avoid the hassle that is surely coming his way.
    He conveniently uses a language barrier to not quite understand what I'm getting at.
    No wonder my head aches......

  13. I sent this seller an email stating that her pictures may have been stolen and if so, she should report to ebay.
  14. kicksarefortwids - nailed it correctly. These are no doubt stolen pictures. The original seller of this item is Chanel touch - very familiar with the seller and could immediately tell.