Advice for buying my first chanel


Jan 9, 2016
Hello tpf'ers! I think I am ready to buy my first chanel after a few years of buying LV. I think I want to get the classic medium/large size in black caviar. I have 3 young kids so it will be a special occasion bag for me and the main reason I want to buy now is because prices seem to go up every year. Has anyone shopped at Chanel Yorkdale? Is there a waiting list for this bag? Do you love yours? Think it's something you would like to pass on to your daughters (if you have one)? Is it worth the price versus buying the rectangular mini as a starter bag? Thank you for any advice you can provide :smile:


Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I think the M/L black caviar CF makes a perfect first Chanel! It was my first and I still use it a lot (dressed up or down). I also have a rectangular mini that I use a lot too, but the M/L CF is definitely more versatile...especially if it will be your only Chanel (or your only Chanel for a while). Good luck deciding!


Jan 3, 2010
The M/L black caviar in SHW was also my first Chanel. I still love it to bits and I still use it only as a special occasion bag, just because it is either too big for a quick run around town or too small as a day bag. It still looks and smells the same as I bought it a few years ago.

Having said that, it is my only caviar bag. I wish I bought a lambskin instead. All of my purchases after that were lambskin and personally, I love lambskin more than caviar now. It is not as delicate as it seems.

Good luck! :smile::heart:


Aug 20, 2011
I love it so much that I have 4 m/l flaps. The one in black caviar with ghw is one of my 2 holy grail bags. You can't go wrong with that bag, especially if it's going to be your special occasion only bag.
On the other hand, if you want a everyday bag, I would recommend the mini, especially with 3 young children. :smile:


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Jan 27, 2015
Black caviar in m/l flap is a great choice. Vey durable and ever lasting. N since you mentioned it's for special occasion, the m/l is perfect. Jumbo is too big for dressy dinners. The mini is too casual.


Apr 14, 2012
My Chanel and Hermes are like Patek. You never really owned one. You are merely watching it for the next generation. =)
So yes, I will hand it to my daughter in due time.
My in-law has a Classic M/L bought about 20yrs ago.. it looks Fantastic and it ages gracefully.
But a Classic in those days had YELLOWISH gold hardware, unlike now where it's less yellow. Which I prefer. And they only had Lambskin.

Anyway, a M/L cant fit as much, so do try it on and see if it fits your lifestyle.
Only Jumbo or Maxi works on me.