advice for buying my first BV?


Jan 18, 2007
Hey everyone,

i'm new to purseforum (although i've been reading your posts for quite a while now :sneaky:, and you all sound so friendly and supportive!) but was hoping to get some advice and answers to some of my questions from all of you knowledgeable BV lovers.

i really want to buy a BV (don't have one yet, and i'm real cheap!) and i've been searching for the PERFECT one. I was hoping to take advantage of the sales going on now, but i actually really love the small veneta which is not on sale. what do you all think of the marquis venetas (since they're on sale now)? doesn't seem like anyone has those... or the mini totes?

also, how strict are they on return policies? I am afraid to purchase one and then decide i want a different style or color. i would like my purchase to satisfy my urge to buy a designer bag at least for a while...
May 11, 2007
it all depends on where you live, and where you buy from. BV bags are designer, but dont scream at you. they are beautiful, and the leather is incredible. i live in the UK, so i know how to help you if you live here. if you live elsewhere the lovely girls will help you out, but its probably more help if they know youre general location. the girls here are experts and will truly help you out!!!!


May 26, 2007
hi hollypop, as raz96 already mentioned, the return policies depend pretty much on the country you live in, the store you get it from (sometimes it makes a difference if you buy from a boutique or a dept store) and such things. also, sometimes (at least it`s the case in europe) sale items are not returnable.

anyways, i`d suggest you to stick with something you really like. i know it`s tempting to buy something that is marked down during the sale, but if it`s your first bv and you want to keep it for a long time, maybe it`s better so spend just a little more money and get something that is not seasonal.

but that is just my personal opinion. in any case, you won`t regret buying a bv, the leather is just so incredibly soft!


Jan 18, 2007
I am in Orange County, CA. There's a boutique at Southcoast plaza, and i know they have some at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island. I've also been to the BV outlet at Desert Hills. Does anyone know what styles/colors they have at the outlets now?


Jan 18, 2007
wow thanks for your replies, C_24 and raz96! yes, it IS tempting to buy something that is marked down, esp since i haven't spent that much on a bag yet! and i do agree, i really want a classic style for my first bag.


Mar 1, 2007
Contact the outlets directly and they're happy to email you pics of their stock! Despite your budget, buy something you :heart:, then you'll get the most use out of it and love it for a long time....don't settle just because it's on sale. Just my humble two cents. Welcome and good luck on your first BV!


Feb 15, 2006
I'm plannin to buy my 1st BV too... I suggest go with the classic style & color.. You're lucky to live nearby 2 BV stores, so that you can try on them first before you buy. I heard that SA at BV store are great. Good luck on your 1st BV & keep us updated what did you get.


Aug 26, 2006
You are so fortunate to be near all the BV sellers! I totally agree with those who said buy what you love--don't force a purchase just because it's on sale.

BV considers marked down items to be final sale--no returns. I bought a BV on sale at NM, and the fine print said returns had to be made in 30 days, so there is a difference. I'd still ask, though, to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

The Marquise style is often on Bluefly; maybe they don't sell as well as the more classic styles--I don't really know. It's not my favorite BV style. I like the mini-totes but they would be too small for me.

If you go to the BV store and try some on, feel the leather, etc. you will start leaning toward a particular style and color. If you get your choices down to a few, the people here can help review the features of the bags you are considering.

Welcome to Purse Forum and the BV sub-forum!!

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
Hi hollypop, welcome to the BV enablers’ club. :graucho: Agree with what have been posted in this thread. I am the perfect example of not buying just because it’s on sale/marked down/cheaper/etc – ended up with stuff I never used or grow to like. Go browse around the boutique and you’ll know when one (or a few) will call out your name. Be a ‘lil patient, have lots of fun and you’ll be rewarded with the bag of your dream. I know its hard when you see others post their lovely bags here. No rush, enjoy the process itself.


Jul 17, 2006
Welcome to tPF, and the BV subforum, hollypop!

Like everyone else, don't rush into buying your first BV just cos you want to take advantage of the sale. Find something from BV that you really love, and the experience in itself will be sooooo worth the wait!

G'luck with the search, and keep us updated of your final choice! :flowers:
May 27, 2007
Welcome to this lovely obsession! My first BV was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. I went to Vegas planning to buy a bag; I had done my research (reading magazines) and almost bought a YSL Muse, but I laid eyes on a BV toggle clutch in magnolia and never looked back! There's nothing wrong with doing your homework and finding the best deal, but sometimes you just have to see the right bag and fall in love with it at first sight. No matter how impractical and small this purse is, I will always enjoy wearing it because I remember how excited I was to buy it in the first place.

Good luck in your hunt!