Advice for buying from a private seller(s)

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are certain "rules/tips" on buying from private sellers (for example, always authenticating before buying, using paypal for payment etc)?
    I had put a lot of thought into this before going this route, along with trying to find other ways to get the bag I wanted with no luck. I promised myself I would stick to reputable sellers or stores as this would also be my first big Chanel purchase. My second option is to just forget about the bag and wait until another one I love pops up.
    I did as much research as I could on TPF and google in regards to buying Chanel bags and I also contacted Reality Check Authentications for an authentication via email/pictures. And yes, I have been told that authenticating newer bags via pictures is almost impossible due to the super fakes, but I had no other choice as the item is not in my possession. The person selling to me is located in Canada as well and is very lovely to communicate with. She was willing to answer any questions I had, sent me tons of pictures, and even recommended authentication services to me.
    I guess my second question is, am I being too impulsive on wanting this bag because I can't get it any where else? I really want this bag, but I also want to make a smart, informed decision and make sure its authentic and not buy based on impulsiveness, because it is also being sold at more than retail price. I made sure to ask for the proper pictures, history of the bag, and made sure to authenticate it as well (still waiting for results to come back though) before I decide to purchase or not.

    Long story short, I have been ISO a So Black Chanel Boy Bag in OM and have looked and posted in any relevant threads. A lot of fellow TPFers have helped me, which I really do appreciate :heart:! However, I was unable to make any purchases in Canada (due to it being sold out) and via personal shoppers or SAs because they were all from the states, and it was unaffordable for me to ship to Canada after conversion to Canadian dollars, shipping fees, duties, taxes, and possible brokerage fees. The bag would have turned into an estimated $7500 bag at most!

    Thank you in advance (:
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    I'm not sure what advice will be helpful to you, but as a Chanel fan, I fear we often find our selves in this position. Either we have to be prepared to make up our mind to purchase immediately or we find ourselves searching on the secondhand market!

    I think the most you can do is to look to buy from a reputable seller, but sometimes even that doesn't work and we are left with our instincts. If I were in your shoes, I would I consider my interactions with the seller and if I felt good, I would pay through PayPal, and send in bag to be authenticated immediately. I do think with a lot of fakes you sort of know immediately upon possession if something is off. *though I would still authenticate just to be sure!!

    Good luck!!
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  3. Hello there. I've never bought any bags from a private seller, but I do lurk in the eBay forums some times.
    One thing that has always stuck in my mind is pay via paypal, and NOT via the Friends and Family method. So if the bag turns out to be fake, you get some protection with PayPal. Also pay with a credit card via paypal for another layer of protection from your bank.
    When you receive the bag, it's worth getting that authenticated, to make sure the seller sent you the bag that you meant to buy, and not a fake which they switched out after sending you photos of the real one.
    If you do decided to buy from a private seller, I wish you the best of luck!
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  4. What do you mean by "private seller?" Are you buying from a "private seller" on eBay or Craigslist (or Kijiji in Canada) or other online site? (That's as opposed to buying from an online reseller such as Fashionphile, Yoogi's, etc.)

    Or are you buying from a "private seller" or friend locally?

    If buying from an online venue, do NOT offer nor allow the seller to take the transaction off-site. In doing so, while the seller will save FVF and presumably pass some of the savings on to you, it's tempting but cheating the site on which the item is listed. Plus, as a buyer, you will lose the buyer protection you'd have had from that site.

    Since it's Chanel and you imply it's one of the newer series of bags with superfakes, my suggestion would be to contact Etinceler, discuss the pictures and information you currently have and ask them what they charge for in-person authentications if you were to send them the bag after purchase.
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  5. What were the authentication services she suggested? As it is I have never heard of Reality Check Authentications
    Scammers will always be very friendly and seemingly open with you before the sale. They will say/do anything to gain your trust
    I would wait to purchase from an established merchant. This is a purse......not a kidney. You aren't going to expire if you don't get it immediately
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  6. I also am curious about the "private seller". Personally I never feel good about paying over retail. And it is not without risk. If I was paying full retail, I would want to buy it from the boutique.
  7. Sorry, I should have been more specific! The private seller is from craigslist (but also has it posted in kijiji). And thank you both for your input! I was being quite impulsive, and your replies have made me reconsider this purchase!
  8. This person had suggested Auntheticatefirst and Reality Check Authentications.
    Yeah, you're right, I can wait for another bag haha. I have this habit of when I want something, I try to get it ASAP, which can be potentially bad.

    I'm glad I made this post, everyone here talked a lot of sense into me lol, so thank you!
  9. Why am I not surprised. AF does not have the best reputation when it comes to accuracy/ethics. And as previously stated I had never heard of the other one. Of course you were not directed to a reputable authenticator. This had scam written on it all the way
  10. Thank you for taking the time to give your input (:
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  11. where do you live in canada? do you have a US address? like those border pick up places? I have one that i use sometimes for items i can't locate in canada or get shipped to canada... honestly if this is a bag you really love i personally wouldn't mind paying extra (i know our dollar sucks rn) and getting is from a US boutique instead of paying someone private more than retail unless they are a very reputable reseller... and honestly lately it doesn't make much sense to buy preloved current season or recent releases (maybe worth it if you're going for vintage) because of the prices these resellers charge i much rather have my receipt...Good luck love and always follow your gut when it comes to purses lol
  12. Thank you for your help everyone! I think I'll try giving buying from a dept. store or boutique in the states another try to get my dream bag instead of buying from a reseller!