Advice for a Thanksgiving Outfit

  1. If you wouldn't mind helping me decide between a few outfits, I would love your help! I have been looking at things all day and I can't decide. Please PM me; I don't want to take up a whole thread with it but I really would love some opinions.
  2. Post some pics! You already started a whole thread, so you might as well use it :p
  3. well, since I do some of the cooking, I wear sweats. but when its time to eat a nice dress would be suitable. like the button down shirt dress.
  4. Well I am trying to decide between a few black dresses. Here are the choices. If anyone has ideas for accessories that would be great.
    dress 1.jpg dress 2.jpg dress 3.jpg dress 4.jpg
  5. while i like the last two dresses, i think they may be too dressy/revealing for thanksgiving, so my vote is #2, followed by #1, then #3, then #4. :smile:
  6. For Thanksgiving, I would do the first or second dress with a tank underneath, tights, flat boots or ballet flats (suede maybe), a funky scarf, bangles...

    I like the 3rd and 4th dresses, but they're a little too clubby for Thanksgiving IMO.
  7. Thanksgiving is not a day we celebrate here so I don´t have any opinions on how it´s like etc, so I´m going based on like alone on these dresses: NO 1 and 2-gorgeous!
  8. Love dress #1! I'd love to see it paired with opaque tights and chunky pumps.
  9. go for #1 very chic
  10. Which dress did you go with?