Advice for a soon to be gucci mom? Sukey Size?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am going to be a first time mom in march, and instead of the traditional diaper bag, would prefer a designer alternative. After much research I've fallen (hard) for the gucci sukey. I have the option to buy the medium or a large. I am 5ft2 and almost find the large sukey a tad too big...BUT want the bag to be functional.

    I want to know from all of you mom's or mom-experts out there - if I plan on using the sukey as a diaper bag for the next year or so, is it smarter to buy the large vs the medium? Will I need all that space?

    Also, if you have any other suggestions in the under $1200 price range, they're more than welcome. I am not a huge fan of the traditional bucket bag shape, which put me off of the LV neverfull......

    TIA! :smile:
  2. The large sukey would be a much better size for you to use as a diaper bag instead. The medium is a good size but won't hold enough. I don't think at 5ft2, the large sukey would be too large for you.
  3. The Large Sukey is perfect as a diaper bag... so much space..
  4. I would not recommend sukey as a diaper bag rather something in coated canvas.
  5. First off, congrats!
    Second, how much do you plan on carrying? If it's what one normally would carry ie, a spare outfit for the baby in case of accidents, 2-3 diapers, wipes, changing pad, diaper cream/Vaseline then I'd definitely go for the large sukey. But like puzzlenop, I'd go for something of a coated textile ie, Burberry diaper bag (sorry Gucci, still love ya!). Someone just posted one in the Burberry sub-forum. It doesn't even look like a diaper bag! It has a crossbody strap which I find is very useful when out with your LO. The sukey doesn't have that'd have to hang it on your stroller as it might prove hard to hold on your arm/shoulder when out with the baby. Just a thought. ;)
  6. I don't think you can carry the medium sukey over the shoulder, am I right?
  7. I can in the summer but with a winter coat, no.
  8. If you're hard set on getting the Sukey to use as a diaper bag - definitely go for the large. Also, I'd get some sort of purse organizer with pockets to use in conjuction with your bag. It will keep all your baby items from swimming around in the bottom of your purse and having to dig for stuff.

    But also take into consideration all the other suggestions the prev posters have mentioned. It may be hard to hang on your stroller and even though the straps are a tad longer on the Large Sukey, I don't think it will be comfortable on your shoulder for very long if you're going to be carrying lots of stuff with you.
  9. First of all, congrats!

    Have you consider LV Totally MM or GM? It's better with the side pockets to put bottles and stuff. For myself, I find backpack to be a better choice for diaper bags (I changed diaper bags several times and the best one IMO is Petunia Pickle Bottom since it's convertible). But if you're set on Gucci, its diaper bag is also a good option with longer strap.

    I see that you're in Calgary (me, too :biggrin:). Given that it's 6 months out of a year where we have to wear thick coats, Sukey may not be a good option since it's going to be a bit tough carrying it over the shoulder when wearing winter coats (I have the regular Sukey and find that I have to keep holding the handles on the shoulder even w/o wearing thick coat).

    Just my two cents. Good luck deciding.