advice for a simple wallet

  1. I am brand new to the world of "purse forum"

    a while back i cut up a page of GQ showcasing the Hermès Guernesey Flip wallet
    it says that its $330....(?) and talks about the lifetime guarantee. (do expand)

    i went to the Hermès store a couple weeks ago and saw a couple "car holder" wallets that i liked. the one with 2 snaps, the guernesey..(i think) , and a normal card holder

    i only use "cardholders" like the clès from vuitton, since all i carry is my license, school id, credit card, and a few bills

    so give some insight with prices so i can set things.

    and i should start saving up and get a job to foster to my fragrance addictions.:s (i'm getting an red epi business card holder too)

    so thank you very much

  2. i think you should go to the store and play around with what you see there and figure out what works for u in term of design and pricing. wallets are fairly easy to see at the H store so its best to see the wallet in real life and get a feel for it.
  3. ah i see, good idea.:yes:

    but do you have any personal preferences to share?
  4. I just got a Clarisse PM to use as my wallet. I love it. I keep my driver's license in the exterior pocket and my credit cards and business cards in the zipped section. You can see it in the Hermes Reference Section. I got it in black Mysore Chevre. It has a nice sheen and is still very thin.
  5. yeah this is my first choice, you can choose a different leather right?
    how much was the chèvre?

    the thing is, even though i love this simplistic design, i want something with an "hermès" feel to it- dogon but i have not seen any good designs that could be sleek

    bearn - but the H is too fat and bulky...

    i really should consult with an SA at Hermès to actually see what they have.

    thill but....meh...

    the 24 coin purse i'm obsessing over....i don't know what i can put in there but it's sooo interesting!:supacool:
  6. I don't find the "H" in the bearn so big or bulky.. The two fold bearn is quite huge (that's why I love it!) but the simple bearn is really not that big. And there are so many colors and leathers to choose from!!*You should really go and look at them at your nearest store. Also look for styles from Luxury Shops Zurich, they have always different new and used wallets:

    Good luck with your search! :tup:

    I'm so happy I finally found the huge Kelly wallet. I haven't seen it in that many stores and now I finally got it. It works almost as a clutch too...
  7. i just went today.
    when i first came in i tested the hermessence - ALMOST bought the confret but mom told me to stop buying fragrances..(arrrr)
    but as i was talking and asking about the fragrances i took note that the SA wasn't too knowledgeable on the products

    i went to the wallet display area.
    told her what my "criteria" was
    and she said the guernesey is a good choice...but sadly i'm kinda "bleh-ed" boring and toooo simple a good buy for when im older.
    she showed me several cardholders but none of them interested me
    but when i saw this green one look normal in the outside
    but when i opened it it was just two spacy and odd compartments.:drool:
    i think it's called the bastia (got the idea from the coin purse i saw in a thread, do correct me if i'm wrong)

    but yeah - i think this might be the one, and if memory serves me right the price is teenager friendly - $220? ....hope i wasn't deaf

    yeah size is just right...i'm a front-pocket type of guy.:okay:

    color-wise she said they hade the green (anise?) and a torquoise....bleh
    i want an orange one ......or.....fuchsia!

    leather choice-wise - she showed me the chèvre ( but she called it goatskin...ha) and 3 style of "cow" leather - the smooth and shiny one, bumpy one (togo?) , and the buffalo one.

    i wasn't impressed with her service and knowledge.
    can you order a specific leather?color?

    p.s. i forgot to ask for the clarisse PM :push:

    ooo i saw le 24 too i love the unique shape's meant more for a purse or whatever not a pocket.

    also saw the post-it holder in ostrich- i laughed.

    another thing i liked was the horse wallet/coin purse thing.
    i was born 1990 - year of the horse...something nice and personal.
  8. called Hermès it is called the Calvi
    the price is $260

    thanks for helping...
    i guess you have to talk about birkins or kellys to be cool around here...:s