Advice for a newbie where is it sage to buy vintage scarves?


Jul 23, 2013
I have only recently discovered Hermes and have a tiny collection of one 90 carre and two maxi twillys. I'm not mad on the autumn winter carres but would love to buy some vintage scarves particularly Annie Fauve designs. I'm worried about buying on ebay. Has anyone in the UK got any tips re where to start and what I need to do?


Moja Angelika
Oct 23, 2011
Autumn Winter '13 has some great scarves that will become grails in the next few years. If you don't buy now, you may regret later on. I'm just saying...
Since you're from the UK, your choices are limited since you have to pay customs if buy from non-EU country. There are great European sellers on eBay: estherparis, framboise4055, tiger0308, shopfranceinc (she's based in the US but shops for clients in France every 6-8 weeks and can ship from there). They are scarf collectors and you get what you pay for, condition-wise.
If you don't mind paying customs, there are great websites: - from Zurich - from New York

These are sellers whom I have never seen a single fake from.

Ann's Fab Finds have authentic scarves but they are from Michigan in the US, their photos leaves a lot to be desired in order to judge condition. You may end up with a hassle of returning cross the ocean.


May 23, 2009
I still consider myself a newbie 4 years after buying my first scarf (although I had a few as gifts before).

I have bought very few pre-loved scarves, I would hesitate to buy without a scarf in my hands or from very trusted sources. Some of the trusted sites (like those Chestnutty gave) are great but they can charge more than retail so I'd have to be dying for the scarf


Jan 17, 2009
darling if you can and this is best save up a bit more and go to paris at the palais royale there is a shop called Gabrielle Geppert, she has... to me the best vintage scarves and the best vintage silk blouses and bags from H perfectly curated !!!! so you might want to call ahead see if its worth the trip. best darling .Birkel
Nov 22, 2007
Highly recommend Luxury Scarves. Everything is in immaculate condition and accurately described. Luxury Zurich, the clothing division has two retail shops, one in Zurich and the other in Paris. If you are going to be in Paris check to see if you can pick up in person to save on shipping costs.