Advice for a newbie LV lover?

  1. I'm looking to purchase my first LV in the new couple of weeks and am unsure what to get .. I have looked through these forums for weeks it seems and I can not pick! All of them look great for all different reasons.

    I'm a big purse kind of girl. I carry way too much stuff (things I really don't "need" but feel I might one day) - And I've just always loved big purses. I've been looking at the Speedy but .. I just don't like the sag - I'm more into structured bags.

    I'll have to make my purchase online (without seeing it in person) so I'm asking for your advice. What bags do you recommend/what was your very first bag? For you moms out there that carry quite a bit - what works for you the best?

    I want an everyday purse - one that I won't have to worry about if I have to run from my car to the door of my office in the rain and I don't want one that I have to constantly "baby" (though I'm sure I will) -
    BTW - I'm so jealous of all the beautiful LV's you all have!! :love:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. batignolles horizontal is a popular choice. its a shoulder bag with lots of room.

    good luck on your first LV purchase! :smile:
  3. I am a mom and I use my Batignolles Horizontal a lot. It holds everything and is very comfortable.

    I have 3 Speedies and they're not very practical for a mom. Hard to carry and chase after the little kids.

    Have fun getting your new bag!
  4. What are your thoughts on the Ebene Damier Canvas Saleya MM?
  5. i think if you're looking for something that you don't have to "baby" as should look into a damier...i really like the trevi
  6. I have to agree with the batignolles horizontal. My son's girlfriend just picked this up and I just may have to add it to my wishlist.
    It's very functional and very good looking!
  7. BV/BH/Saleya MM!
  8. anything in the damier or epi line would be good if you are worried about the rain ...
  9. If you don't want to worry about being caught in the rain, then you may want to start out with a bag from the Damier line since there is no vachetta (untreated leather) to worry about. Check out the new Trevi PM/GM (GM is really huge!), Saleya MM, Chelsea, or the Hampstead MM (this one has an open top). These are lovely bags!

    I started out with the Monogram Multipli-Cite --- very functional and not too much vachetta to worry about and it is definitely structured.

    Have fun choosing your new LV!! That is always exciting!
  10. ^^ ITA. Start w/ the damier line. No worries w/ the vachetta there or you can always get a mirage (no vachetta there either ;)).
  11. You need to set some parameters to choose one without playing with them in person, I think. Consider..
    • Do you want a handheld bag, or must it be able to fit on your shoulder?
    • Alternatively, would you prefer a messenger bag or one that can be used handsfree with a long strap?
    • Do you want a large "everything" bag, or a medium or smaller sized bag?
    • Which canvas/leather do you prefer?
    • Would you worry about vachetta leather and patina issues?
    • Do you prefer fussy or simpler styles of bag?
    If you could answer these it would really help in narrowing down your options! :tup:

  12. It actually doesn't matter if it's a handheld or fits on my shoulder. I've never been too picky about it - and usually if I love the purse - I'll wear it no matter what. I want a large "everything" bag - that is the absolute must for me since I tend to carry quite a bit in my purses.

    As far as canvas/leather - I would prefer canvas but ... would I have to worry about it? I want something that I don't have to constantly worry about .. but I want something that will be "eye candy" for myself. I like pretty purses .. can't help it :p

    I do like more of a structured bag ... but .. I've seen the speedy and I don't mind the sag too bad. I'm just unsure - I hate trying to shop online for everything but I just can't fit going shopping for one somewhere and finding a place that sells LV's.

    I'm thinking about doing the eBay thing but .. for some reason, I think since this is my first LV .. I should buy a brand new one ... :confused1:

    I am one of those people though that tend to like my things packed in a certain order - I have OCD - so I sort of freak if my things get jumbled .. which is why I'm not jumping on buying a speedy - even though the looks of it appeal to me in a way.

    I still don't have all the LV names down or styles so I'm having to research it all .. thank God for this site!! :tup:
  13. yeah, i agree w/ john!

    or how about the hampstead mm?
    but i guess it's somehow not good fpr rainy weather, cuz it has no zipper, only a hook and so it's alway kind of "open"...

    good luck deciding!

    you'll love your LV, no matter what and your first is just like :love::love::love:
  14. My first bag was the batignolles horizontal. I love it!!!!

    If you are looking for a Damier I love my Saleya MM

    I have 2 Mini Lin Speedy's and I hate the sag. I learned this trick here on tPF. Take a empty DVD case and open it up and it fits perfect on the bottom of my Speedy. NO SAG!!!
    Good Luck!!

    And Congrats on your upcoming 1st LV. It is exciting.
  15. If your not wanting to baby the bag (as you said because you'd be running all over the place XD) I'd look into something damier...