Advice for a new seller?

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  1. I have a few bags I'd like to sell as I'm clearing out and paring down. I have never sold on Ebay before, though I've purchased a number of items. I'm concerned, however, that people are reluctant to buy from a new seller, or someone who has no seller feedback. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think if you have good buyer FB and have bought comparably priced items as you are trying to sell, you should do OK. Just be honest and sincere and post lots of pictures. I like buying from new sellers.
  3. This is great to hear! Thanks!
  4. Try selling the lower priced bags first and getting feedback on them before selling the higher end ones. Also just write an explanation that you are a new seller but are reliable and happy to accept Paypal so the buyer feels protected. If you're open and honest when answering questions, buyers will trust you. Everyone has to start somewhere so good luck!
  5. Hi. I am a new seller as well, 0 feedback, once i start listing my auctions, i think I will remind them (buyers) about the new pay pal policy, that their money that they sent to you thru pay pal will be on hold (you can not use it) UNTIL they leave a feedback, and/or until the item is delivered. But i believe that is only if your sold items are more than a hundred dollars. BUT since you've been buying on ebay, this may be different for you, since you already must have some kind of feedback.

    hope this helps