Advice for a husband frantically looking for a nice Christmas gift for his wife.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am in the final countdown to Christmas and looking for a nice gift for my wife. I purchased her first LV purse for her birthday (a monogram Speedy 25) and am thinking about possibly getting a nice wallet for her to go with it. I thought that a monogram wallet might be a little overkill with the design so I was debating on possibly the Suhali Porte Tresor International or the Epi French Purse.

    My questions are what are some opinions on the above mentioned wallets? Which one would be a more classic design that would stand the test of time? Would both of them look okay with the Speedy 25? Lastly, what colors of either do you recommend. I was thinking about Sienne for the Suhali one and Cannelle for the Epi but wasn't sure about possibly going with the black for both. :confused1:

    On a side note, does anyone know if the Suhali has any type of LV branding? Their website really doesn't offer any close up shots.

  2. What a great hubbie you are!! I have the epi french purse and love it!! Black is a classic and would go very well with the monogram canvas. Personally I mix and match all Vuitton looks.

    The suhali would be fabulous too, but I haven't seen it irl so I cannot give any further advice on that, but I am sure a lot can.

    Happy holidays!!
  3. Hey Chris,

    I think that by going with Epi and Suhali, you're already going to get very low-key, high quality goods. The Suhali is goatskin that is very resistant to scratches. Epi is very durbale as well. I own an Epi card holder that I use as a wallet since I don't carry cash and it still looks almost brand new.

    If your wife carries her checkbook with her a lot, go with the Porte Tresor wallet. Personally, I think that the French Purse has a very refined look to it and is very timeless. Chic is the word I'm looking for!

    Hmm and also, just my opinion but I think that both new shades of brown for Epi and Suhali look like poop. I'd recommend that you go with black because it really is a timeless color.

    The Epi leather has the LV monogram on the lower right hand corner. The Suhali has no branding at all on the outside but is lined with a lovely satin mini-monogrammed LV and fleur (flower) lining.

    And I have to say, you're quite LV knowledgable and such a great husband for purchasing LV for your wife!! Good luck! :smile:
  4. you are an awesome husband! mad points for you! red looks great with LV, maybe the red epi french purse?

    of course, suhali is the most amazingly wonderful leather ever. you can't really go wrong with LV. And no, suhali isn't very shoutingly LV.
  5. I have the Porte tresor (mono) and its really the best wallet I have ever had. So functional!! After 2 years it still looks like new.
    I am not a big fan of black with the mono...What about the damier?
    Let us know what you get!!!
  6. Does she adore her mono speedy? Maybe get her a Damier Speedy? Nice big box and about the same price as a wallet. Just a bit more expensive.
    Your so nice.
  7. Maybe a groom wallet, that's fun and matches monogram.
  8. I have the red epi french wallet... I have been using it for many years... it's so durable and still looks new! It's a great investment!
  9. What a lucky lady!! :yes: I would kill (figuratively speaking):nuts: to have my husband come onto this site asking for suggestions.....
  10. You are a wonderful hubby! I vote for the Epi French Purse - my favorite wallet ever!
  11. I think an epi french purse would be a great choice! Black is fine but I really LOVE red epi.
  12. i think something from the Suhali line would be perfect. the lining has the LV monogram on it, but there's nothing that screams LV on the outside; it's understated class :yes:

    i've seen the Suhali Porte-Tresor International wallets, and they're beautiful, especially in white, which is probably the best color in the Suhali line
  13. Ladies,

    Thanks for all your advice so far. There seems to be a lot of Epi fans so that may be the route I go. I am still open to more feedback though. My other concern is actually finding the wallets in stock. Its Christmas time and I know things are hectic in my area. I took a glance at eluxury and they are actually out of a few of the colors. Hopefully the LV store in San Francisco will have them in stock. Any other suggestions on where to look?

  14. I don't like the brown or cannelle either. I'm also not a fan of black with mono. Can I make a recommendation for a mono wallet - perhaps the Koala - the clasp makes it really fun - feminine and pretty - and it's a gorgeous wallet. The french purse is so pretty too. I don't think it's overkill and I think it will stand the test of time too. What a wonderful husband! Do you have any friends??? LOL! Just KIDDING!
  15. Kudos to you Chris! I am also impressed with your knowledge of LV :smile:

    You can always call 1-866-VUITTON and they will ship items to your home if they are not available on Eluxury or your local boutique.