Advice for a gift for a 14 year old

  1. My husband just decided that maybe we should get our 14 year old niece a Coach for Christmas. While I wish he had decided this when my PCE card was still in effect, I don't have to be convinced too hard to shop at the Coach store! I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what might be appropriate at this age. I'm not talking a $500 purse by any means - something suitable for her age in the <$100 range.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. I think a signature wristlet and letter charm would be cute. That is what I recently got a 16yo for a gift. Also a swingpack or a top handle pouch would be cute too. good luck, what a nice gift !
  3. How about the lurex minisig optic wristlet?

    Or the skull, penguin, or snowman keyfobs?

    You are both generous and lucky! I can't wait to have a daughter or niece to shop for...someday!
  4. I like Mrs. MC's idea too!
  5. With two adult, very picky daughters (and only one of them not even liking Coach 'til about a year ago), I would make sure you hang on to the receipt. Then make sure she knows it can be exchanged, just in case the item doesn't appeal to her.

    And don't forget to get yourself something too!
  6. If you're willing to spend a tiny bit more...probably a baby Carly...they are super cute and look kind of grown up but are still adorable...khaki/gold would be my vote cause it's got some metallic on it and the khaki sig which is popular.

    There's an extended PCE going on til the end of the month so if you ask the SA about it I bet you could get the 25% off!
  7. I notice alot of the 13- 15 year old girls at the mall with Swing Packs.
  8. I would recommend a swingpack or the baby Carly! Both are super cute!
  9. I bought my 14 years old niece a initial charm and a wristlet and she loves them..
  10. Top handle pouches seem to be popular too.
  11. I would think that anything in lurex especially a wristlet would be perfect for a 14 year old!
  12. I think a lurex wristlet and cute charm would be perfect :smile:
  13. I'd also recommend a swingpack. I think it's less likely to be lost or stolen than a wristlet :yes:
  14. Ditto on the swingpack. Our babysitter has one and she says they are popular in high school right now.
  15. I think a cute, small shoulder bag would work well for her. Plus, these are bags that she could use for a long time too...I know my SIL used bags in this size range when she was 14-15 (she loved her demi...still uses it now she's almost 19, and she recently got a Carly pouch which looks adorable on her)

    Carly Pouch ($178)

    Bleecker Small Zip Hobo ($160)


    Small round hobo ($139)

    classic demi ($148)