Advice for a first time skier?

  1. Well, I am finally seizing the moment and going skiing for the first time at the grand old age of 38 with my kids. I am excited but also a little bit scared:shame:. I have never been near a ski slope in my life and have about 3 months to anticipate the experience. I'd be ever so grateful for any TPFer advice on skiing for a complete beginner!
  2. I take it you will be enrolling in a Ski-School Miss Sooky - The only advice I can offer is as with anything new listen to the experts, relax and enjoy it. I had a blast learning to ski it must have been like watching a baby giraffe taking it's first steps. Layer as much as you can, it's hard work learning to ski I ended up taking my jacket off and just had on a light weight long sleeved t-shirt. I learned to ski in Austria and it was a mild winter, but good snow.
  3. Thanks riffraff. Yes, I will definitely be at ski school and fully expect to be humiliated by small children! I have also booked a lesson at the indoor real snow slope in Milton Keynes and a course of dry ski slope lessons too in the hope that I can at least have some basic skills in place when I finally show up on the piste! Great advice about layering too - I need to get the low down on equipment etc. As always, all TPF guidance very welcome!
  4. I also learned to ski in my school is a must. They will teach you all the basics and build your confidence so you can relax and have fun!
  5. Go really fast...if something gets in your way...turn.

  6. I wasn't going to bring that little gem up :lol:, yep 5 and 6 yr olds whizzing past you, no poles, leaning back, skis pointing straight down the hill, you in a heap of poles, crossed skis and no idea how to get up, utterly humiliating.

    Hally Hansen Lifa Long Sleeved Crew Baselayer are fabulous, I highly recommend getting a few of those or something very similar. If you are ski-ing in Europe I wouldn't bother with thermal leggings as a beginner you will just overheat.

    If you can get up to Cheshire Oaks they have some fantastic sports shops with great deals on ski wear. Or of course so long as you know what sizes you need the internet has some great web-sites. I would recommend pants (no braces, they just get in the way) and a seperate jacket, with a fleece liner, decent gloves, ski tubes and a beanie hat.
  7. My tip: Watch the stairs!

    The first time I went skiing, everything went well, didn't fall or anything. Untill I removed the ski's and walked down the stairs (only 3 steps) with those ski shoes - of course I fell down the stairs really badly...
  8. I would take this time to work out and concentrate on your legs. Skiing is tough on your knees and building up your muscles is really going to help. Stay loose and take lessons. It will make all the difference.
  9. Boots will feel uncomfortable at first. Wear thinsulate if you can. It is easier to move in. Taking class will help a lot especially learning to stop which is a must without killing someone else or yourself....
  10. Bring some Advil :p
  11. :roflmfao: Best advice so far - (Is Advil the same as Brufen)
  12. I would say layer up and wear leggings or something underneath your ski pants. It will help break the fall (and trust me, beginners fall a lot) so you won't have a sore bum afterwards. :yes:

    Ski school is a must. I think as long as you learn how to stop (making a ^ with your skis), you should be fine. Have fun!!
  13. My tip, hold on tight and take plenty of Ralgex!!!!

    Seriously Debs, I am the exact same age as you, and Ski ing has never appealed to me before. Im much more of a sun worshiper, but my two girls have started to express an interest, so I may well be in a similar position to you too.

    oooh I have another tip too!! Chanel do some fabby dabby ski outfits hee hee ;)

    Cant wait to hear how you get on, I think you will be fine, you will just feel it more the next day than the children :biggrin:
  14. I know. I always wanted all this Chanel gear so I could at least look great while I was tumbling down the mountain like a starfish.

  15. :roflmfao: