Advice for a Favorite

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I've Just bought a favorite pm in De, and I really like it.. But then I start reading how many problems this model has and now I'm thinking if I have change it with an Eva in De that has a zip closure and not the flap.
    I prefer the simple style of the Favorite but I don't want a bag with a lot of problem.
    Can you advise me about that?
    Thank you very much 😂
  2. I'm not sure what kind of problems you are referring to but from my own experience I was disappointed with the favorite. My biggest issues were that the ones I tried on did seem to have a flimsy magnetic closure (it didn't feel like a secure connection), it would fold oddly in the middle if it wasn't full and the strap was too short (I'm 5'5"). This is only my experience but I know others that love it so much so it really depends on whether your particular bag works for you.
  3. The problems you have been reading about are not all favourite bags. Some people have had there bags for a while with no issues.

    I have both styles and love both.

    I have the Eva DE and love this small bag with the zip closure and the strap length for cross body is good.

    I also have the favourite DA mm and love having a bigger option as well.

    if its gonna stop you using the bag then change it, maybe go and look at the Eva again. Otherwise just enjoy your new bag and don't worry about any problems as it might never happen to your bag.
  4. The biggest issue is the crease on the flap which I take is what you're talking about. It is to my knowledge that it is only the mono one that this happens to, and even then, lv seem to just replace it. I too just got the favourite pm in de a couple of weeks ago and love it so much more than Eva!
  5. I've had my Favorite PM for around 3 months no probs. I feel the magnet is the perfect strength, no creasing in the flap. I'm 5'2 and the cross body strap is perfect.
  6. I am curious as to what the issues with the Favorite are as well. I've had my Favorite MM in both DE and DA and neither have the problems that are being described. I have an Eva in Mono and while I love my Eva, I don't feel as if she gets anywhere near the amount of use because of how small she is. I do like the added security of the zipper on the Eva though. I feel that both are great pieces to any LV collection.
  7. Hi everyone! Thank you to reply 😊😊 Yes i'm talking about the crease of the flap and the magnetic closure not too strong..
    probably I'm worried but I've only to use it and don't mind !
  8. i have mine for 2 years now and no creasing or issue with the magnet getting weak. as far as the magnet goes, its a small bag and if people stuff theirs... no magnet would be strong enough to keep it close. just my 2 cent. If you need to carry more, then the MM might be a better size. I sold my Eva, like you said...i like the simple line of the Favorite. No plate to worry about and not a fan of that long zipper on the eva.
  9. ive had mine for over 6 months and no creasing and its my regular weekend bag. love it so much more than the eva clutch. just use ur bag and don't worry about any creasing. if it happens LV will take care of u. as for the magnet, my magnet is really strong. if u have a weak magnet maybe just go and exchange it for a stronger one. other than that its a great bag!
  10. I have the Favorite MM in DE. I don't think the creasing problem is very common.

    If the magnet is too weak for you, you can always rub a strong magnet (get one from a craft store) along the back side of the magnetic clasp and make it stronger.
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    I had mine for 2 years, Favorite mm in mono, and no issues. I actually use a stronger magnet inside the bag to charge the magnet in the flap of the bag, and it keeps magnet strong. No creasing issues. I even like the strap length, and I'm 5'5. When I was looking for a small clutch/ cross body, I first bought Eva and returned it, and then Favorite pm, returned that one as well, finally purchased Favorite mm and absolutely happy with it.
  12. I agree with the others. Just use it and don't worry too much as you many never experience this issues.
  13. Thank you very Much too everyone for the advice!
  14. I bought my mother the Favorite. She loves it for the size, appearance and comfort but complains a lot about the magnet. The flap slips open very easily. Her purse has spilled out in the car floor many times. And it's not stuffed full or pulled - hers just comes open easily. I didn't know much before buying the bag. If we got another, I would probably 'play' with it a bit before purchasing to see the magnet strength before buying the bag. She noticed the 'issue' almost immediately (but didn't want to say anything to me since it was a gift and she didn't want to seem ungrateful). I think if yours is good now, you'll be fine long term.
  15. You can't go back to the store and try to find a better one ? I think I could be defined a defect for sure !