Advice for a Career Switch :)?

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  1. Hi everyone! As always, your advice is really appreciated~!

    After getting a BS in Biology in college, and working 3 years in both biotech and academia, I am set on a career switch to BUSINESS, which is what I'm really interested in (I did minor in Business at university but somehow didn't consider the switch then)! :biggrin: I just took my GMAT and did GREAT (yay!) so I'm going to apply for either a MBA or accounting school, but until then...

    I've told my boss that my last day at my current science research job will be August 1st (there's really NO mobility there, a lady was promoted only after about 10 years! I think I was so excited about the research field before that I kinda lost track of that but moving on...), but so far all the jobs I've found require AT LEAST 1 to 3 years of retail experience! I have previously worked summers and part-time at cafes and stuff but it's been so long I'm not sure I should even put those on my resume! :rolleyes:

    I've thought about applying to retail positions but friends have told me customer service experience won't really help me... :confused1: I'm completely set on resigning my current job (honestly, for various reasons, I CAN'T stay anymore. I've tried to resign a few months before but my boss told me that "I have an obligation to him and the job..." and refused to accept my resignation! Oy...), but my options so far are these: 1) take business classes and work part-time, and 2) somehow find a full-time job that requires experience I don't have.

    I'm staying optimistic though, or trying to! I guess I'm facing a quarter-life crisis here, no joke, LOL! Sorry this post is much longer than I thought it would be. Any recommendations, advice, thoughts are very much appreciated!! TIA!
  2. hmmmm---- I'd probably go with the take classes and find a part time job- sounds like you have your heart set! Good luck and congrats!

    btw- when I was in HS- (10 years ago +) I heard that people will change their careers 7-8 times in their life?
  3. ^-- oh yeah- and the ladies are gonna drool over your MC Speedy on campus--- heehee!!!
  4. ^^^ Awww, THANKS! :heart::smile:

    Oops! I meant industry experience!
  5. what area in business do you want to go into? do you know?

    you don't have to know but it's good to have a few areas you're interested in.

    Take an assistant job to get your foot in the door. in industries like media and fashion, assistants do alot of regular admin work but you can also get to learn ALOT that way.

    If you are planning on getting your MBA, then i wouldn't take business classes now cos you're going to be doing that for the next 2 years. you're better off getting some work experience now. tha'ts just MPOV
  6. oh my! i would love some advice about the bio field (I'm currently working towards my BS in biology but pretty much because that's what my school specializes in) but I've thought about a career in business or marketing/advertising as well (so I'm double majoring in communications because there's no business/marketing major at my school and minoring in management science...)! oy.

    i'm sure everything will turn out great though! You already did well on your GMAT so congratulations!!! I find it reassuring for myself as well because nothing is definite and our paths in life can always change! :smile:
  7. bubbleliciousis: Thanks for the suggestions! :smile: I'm mainly thinking about International Business and Marketing right now (still broad but somewhat narrowed down LOL), and I will definitely try looking into the media industry! I have applied to a few assistant jobs in the retail field, but even assistants I guess need 1-3 years of related experience, and my jobs there have been around 6 to 7 years ago so I don't know... But still trying!

    anniebobannie: Let me know if you have any questions about biotechs! I'll definitely do my best to help :smile:!
  8. Congrats on making such a big decision :smile:

    I also made the switch from Bio to Business ;)
  9. Hey gal,

    if you're really interested in retail/fashion then focus on getting something in that area. Do you have alumni that you can call on and ask if they need an assistant? Alot of times i find that it makes a big difference once you get to meet the person and pitch yourself. (ie i'm smart, i can use the fax.copier.pc. I really want to learn about X industry and i'll learn really quickly etc etc)

    Also try a temp/staffing agency and see if they can find you anything in the retail/fashion industry.

    Good luck!!!

  10. hey BTW are u in NYC by any chance?
  11. ^^^ Nope, I'm in SF! :smile: Thanks so much for the great ideas, and you know, you read my mind! I'm planning on calling a staffing agency in my area this afternoon!
  12. Sounds like a great idea!

    try to find someone who knows someone at GAP since their HQ is there! keep on asking and you'll be able to meet someone there eventually =)

    Good luck!!
  13. lamiastella: Yay! Another fellow Bio to Bus switcher (LOL I'll try to come up with a better phrase for that)! And can you believe it? A couple of my friends have already switched from bio (not necessarily to business though) and now I'm jumping on the bandwagon too! Of course, my switching doesn't have anything to do with their decisions but it's just a strange phenomenon! Bio Burn-out, maybe? Maybe not that drastic though!

    bubbliciousis: Thanks for the encouragement! I actually DO know someone who knows someone at Gap (haha) so I might try that too. You know, I JUST found the PERFECT job to apply for, scrolled to the side and found out... it's in New York! LOL looks like I should relocate!