advice for a 1st bbag purchase

  1. After much thought, I decided I will be buying myself a Black City for my birthday Aug 4th, new probably from Balny.:yahoo: I have been reading the boards lately and as a result understand there are leather variations from year to year. It seems that the "cracking" in the bbag leather is a negative trait. So my question is, when I do go to buy the bag what do I look for to ensure that I get the best leather? Thanks
  2. This seasons leather's are getting alot of praise ;) So you might be in luck! I'd rec. calling BalNY and speaking with my fav. SA, Kim - she really knows her leathers :yes:

    If you do want to check out other seasons.. I'd rec o5. It seems to be the most popular year for great leather! But to find a black o5 city might be a bit difficult.. the only places I'd know to check are eBay [be sure to post the link in the appropriate thread first if you're not sure on authenticity!! There are lots of fakes!], &
  3. ^ Agreed. Kim picked out my black City. If you explain to her what type of leather you are looking for she'll pick out the perfect one. The great thing about her is that she is unbiased - she'll pick out the one you like, not the one she thinks is best (although she does give great advice!).

  4. Thanks for the advice. I will actually probably go into the city myself and pick it out since I live close by. What types of leather are there?
  5. A black city is gorgeous. After getting bbags in varous colors, I can't help but still covet a black CITY or WORK. Just browse the web for Nicole RItche carrying hers. It's tdf!
  6. Oooh wow... there's 'smooth' [no wrinkles, crinkles or veins], distressed [wrinkles, crinkles, veins], or just wrinkles or just veins or crinkles, "chewey" leathe, soft, plastic-y.etc. :push:

    But if you're picking yours out in person, you'll know when you see them how much they vary ;) and you'll be able to hand select your beauty:tup:
  7. Congrats on your upcoming purchase and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:party:
  8. People tend to look for different things in their b-bag leather, so it's definitely best if you can go to the store. Ask them to pull out a bunch of black Cities for you, that way you can feel and see the difference, because the leather varies even within one season. And happy early birthday!!
  9. Happy Birthday. I'm sure you'll pick the perfect BBag and my black city is my most used bag. You will find that the leather changes over time and my black city is just over two years old now and has a lovely silky feel to the leather now.
  10. How exciting for you! Don't forget to post pics!

    Happy birthday!
  11. Great B-Day present!
    Whatever BBag u may choose for ur birthday, u will NOT have any regrets!

    Good luck finding the one thats perfect for u! Take care!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input! I cant wait to get it! and I will definately post pics!