Advice - flattening of handles on bowlers

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I've been using my new quilted bowler for over a week now...everyday :yes: . I've noticed that the handles have flattened a bit. I know that this is common, but wanted to find out if anyone here has advice on how to "refluff" (totally the wrong word, but I can't think of another way to describe it) them? I'd love to heard from anyone with the bowler shape - from the turnlock line to the collection line.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. SuLi, Congrats on your new bowler! Do you have the small or large one? Speaking of handles, I have the large bowler and I feel like it is hard to grasp both handles in my hands. Maybe I have small hands. Do you have the same issue? Maybe it is just with the large bowler? Anyone else?
  3. Hi nycbagobsessed -- I have the same issue with my large bowler. I'm just glad the handles are soft enough that they bend a little when I hold them. I love my bowler alot so I figure I'll just get used to it. Sometimes, I slip it over my arm and it hangs there nicely with the wide, flat handles. No funny handle marks on my arms like the ones I get with "rounded" handles.

    SuLi -- sorry to hear about your handles. I'm curious to hear if others have the same problem. I do like how "fluffy" the handles are.
  4. Yeah, I have the same issue as nycbagobsessed, i had a hard time grapping the large bowler handle with my hand too, that's why i only used the bag twice since i got it last year.....
    as opposite to SuLi, I wish the handle can be flatter!
  5. I have the smaller bowler, but I don't use my hand to carry it. I just tote it! Maybe that's what's flattening them...

    But, abaglover is right...they are considerably more comfy that the rolled handles in terms of toting over your arm...hardly any marks!
  6. Just wanted to say that I just love this forum...I had no idea who I could talk to about the bowler handles being too big...this is awesome :rolleyes: . SuLi i'm sorry to hear about your handles flattening. I wonder if that will eventually happen to all the bowlers? Does your bag get really heavy, ie. do you carry a lot in it?
  7. I'm having a different bag's doing this caving in thing...anyone else get that? I was considering a purseket to help it keep its shape...thoughts???
  8. sharbear after using my large bowler for less than a month it totally lost it's shape- I exchanged it for a completely different bag because the shape is what made me love it.

    i would love to ehar if you figure out how to keep the shape in tack. good luck!
  9. Congrats on your new bowler! I'm glad you were able to finally find one.
  10. My Elise "caves in" too! I have found that if it's not totally full, the back will cave in. However, if it's completely full it weighs a ton!

    I just try to keep paper in it at all times when I'm not using it, but I'd be open to other suggestions!
  11. The Elise has problems holding it's shape? How bad is it? :s I don't want to get one and be disappointed when it loses it's shape.
  12. Wow...didn't realize people were having issues with their bowlers and elise.
  13. ..Yeah me neither...that blows...I hate when a bag loses it's shape..which is why I'm very picky when choosing bags..
  14. oh yeah, the back outside pocket of my large bowler is wide open cuz the body of the bag kind of cave in.....
    another good reason i only used the bag twice for months...
  15. Oh god, i hate this! Mine does it too and basically whenever i'm not using it i stuff it tightly up to the brim with stuffing. This seems to help so when i use it it still keeps it's lovely shape :yes: