Advice: Do you get rid of shoes you know you won't ever wear?

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  1. I'm in this super cleansing period-- so I'm getting rid of NICE shoes that I just don't wear anymore. Do you get rid of shoes you don't wear or keep them for your collection? I'm thinking that feet don't change sizes, so having shoes over the years is okay. But then all this clutter. Plus these are high platforms, heels, etc. that I just have not worn. They look GREAT... but unworn. What would you do?:crybaby: It's so sad to see them go... but why keep so much stuff?
  2. If I haven't worn them for a while, yes I do. But I'm guilty of hanging onto them thinking I just might wear them.
  3. Yup, I do. Sometimes I'll hang onto them for a few months but if I don't give them a second look, out they go.
  4. why don't you try to sell them on eBay? I never keep shoes I won't wear (no room in my closet), but if I've worn them before I usually give them to a battered women's shelter. If they're new, I sell them
  5. If I don't like the shoes anymore I get rid of them.
  6. It depends... If they're an expensive pair and a classic style (black pumps, for example), I'll hang onto them. If they're some cheap, trendy pair that were cool for one season, then off they go to the thrift shop...
  7. I agree with Vanessa, if they are an expensive classic style of shoe I would keep just in case I fell in love again but if they were inexpensive I would toss..
  8. If they're high dollar and in good shape I sell on eBay. If they're lower value and good shape I give to goodwill.
  9. I did that only a little while ago - the cleansing thing. I modelled all the shoes I was thinking to get rid of in front of my mum and if she said go, out they went.

    However, don't go overboard - I have regretted some of my cleansing projects....
  10. I goodwillthe cheaper brands (steve madden, nine west) and usually sell the higher end on eBay. Great way to get extra $$ to put towards a new pair you'll love.
  11. anything couture... I keep. anything mid range like ninewest, Aldo....thift store. Regardless if I don't wear a pair of my CLs in years,I am not getting rid of them. Heck I will just have to make room.
  12. I would try ebay so you could make some money from them.
  13. :yes: That's what I do too.
  14. I have many shoes that I never wear. I bought just because I loved them. I'm not getting rid of them. But those are very nice designer shoes, mostly evening shoes with some sort of decoration. They are like little works of art to me!
  15. I give them to charity or friends of mine or my mother!