Advice: Coral patent Zoe

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  1. Newbie here. Just got a large patent coral zoe for $104. I like the price and it looks good on me. But, the color seems very bright and not something I have ever bought in a purse. Do you think this color looks gaudy and/or cheap? Do any of you own this bag? SA said it is a summer color. Do you use it only in summer?
  2. Seems a summer color.
    BUT, I think it'd be a great pop of color on a cold grey winter's day, when worn against a dark (black/navy/brown) coat!
  3. Congrat's, I'am biased to Large Zoe's...I love them for their shape, hardware, and function..Mine is siggy but I still love it!!!!
  4. I have the wallet and I think its a beautiful color I Like it :O)
  5. I haven't seen it in real life, but from the pictures it looks really beautiful! :biggrin:
  6. I don't really pay attention to season when I use a purse...I use them year round. Its a beautiful color, I'd definitely wear it in the winter =]
  7. My daughter has this bag in this color and wears it all the time--all seasons. It is beautiful and attention getting, not cheap at all. Be prepared for compliments--daughter gets those every time she wears this. Great purchase.
  8. I got this exact purse last summer and LOVE it. I retired it for the fall when I noticed that I was getting color transfer from my black coat. I would have used it all winter if not for that!!! I still bring it out when wearing a lighter coat. Also its not a ZOE that you see often and I LOVE that.:graucho:
  9. I have this bag and love it! I haven't used it this winter though.
  10. Thanks everyone. All the positive feedback makes me feel better about my choice. I have decided to keep it. can't wait to start using it as soon as possible.
  11. Enjoy it pppn1
    I have both wallet and large size and did use it in summer. Received numerous compliments. I don't think it was to bright at all.
  12. The color is very nice, will probably go with more than you think. I had this bag in small and returned it only because, though I like the look of the Zoes, I hand carry and the thick strap is not really conducive to that. Bummed me out toos because it is such a pretty bag
  13. You got a great price! I have the same bag and love it. I plan on using it this summer, but I don't usually label when or when I can't specifically use a bag. If I wanted to carry it tomorrow I would!
  14. Update:
    Thanks ladies for taking the time to reply. I am sad to say I returned it because DH hated it. I know he is not the one to carry it, but I do value his opinion. He likes the rose patent better. May be i will get that one.
  15. Gaudy or cheap?! NO WAY! That color is Faaaaaabulous! Pair it with something black or gray (or neutral) the first few times you wear it if you're worried (I bet you'll get a million compliments-- I always do@). Just be careful, you may fall hard for it (it's a gorgeous bag). It's an awesome pop of color! Congrats!