Advice - Chanel Timeless Clutch or Wait

  1. Hi,

    I was thinking of getting the timeless clutch in caviar. But am confused. Should I get this bag or wait for the new spring summer collection? Would the clutch be better or the bubble quilts?
  2. Timeless clutch will never be out of stock, i'd say wait for to see both in store than decide.:flowers:
  3. Thanks :smile:. Sounds right too. So worried that I will end up buying impulsively and end up regretting when nicer bags come out.
  4. I agree with Classic Chic! You should wait. There are supposed to be some stunning bags coming out for ss08!
  5. Some of the S/S 2008 bags are already coming out in stores, so I think you should wait to see what comes up. :yes:
  6. Me Too, I think u should w8 and see :smile:
  7. great advice, but I also think everybody should have a timeless clutch lol! I have only just started using mine, wow its so gorgeous, fits plenty in, and easy to use :biggrin:
  8. Really? it looks so small..hmm that'll be on my list for 2009 since I'm on a bag ban for 2008:lol::sad:
  9. :smile:, I was thinking with a baby tagging along, its kind of difficult to be carrying such a nice clutch and yet look glam.

    Hoping to see a bubble quilt flap or tote this S/S 08, could not get my hands on one this year, though I managed to get a luxury patent bowler. Any clue if S/S 08 will have the bubbles?
  10. I second chloe-babe! :nuts: I used my timeless clutch again last night (its second outing hehe), and surprisingly, it really does fit a lot (more than medium flaps, for example)!

    Hmm, well if you think there is a chance that anything from s/s '08 will appeal to you more than the timeless clutch, then wait, KWIM? :smile: If you love, love the clutch, and don't think a bag could top it, then go for it. Since you're wondering which bag is better between the bubble quilt or clutch, then I'm thinking you won't pass out if you don't by the clutch. :p Between the timeless clutch and and the bubble quilt flap, I prefer the clutch, but it's your call, and what you love counts the most. :heart: :tup: