Advice Before I Go Ahead!

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  1. So, I got the concrete for sure green light on the Birkin today. Meaning as soon as I find one I'll definitely buy it. The old plan was that I was going to pay for it, but my family said that they'll pick up the tab today. However, before I do this, I wanted to there anything else I can get for $8000-$10,000 that would make me happier? I know that no one else can answer this question but me, but if you people have any ideas feel free to throw them out!

    This is a serious question, its not a life changing amount of money, but its a good amount.

    In case someone is going to suggest trading up the car or getting a new watch, I'm most likely getting those for graduation in the summer :biggrin:
  2. Noriko, by all of your previous threads, it seems to me that you pretty much have a lot of stuff (i.e nice expansive clothes and purses). I think knowing that you have added a birkin to your bag collection will make you very happy.

    You have nice parents.
  3. No, you've been wanting a Birkin for a while, and it seems like purses are one of your great passions. The money spent on this bag is worth it, since you've got everything else. ;)
  4. Thats awesome that your parents will pay for it. Can they talk to my dad :smile:

    Anyway, yes, its a good amount of money, but I think the Birkin will keep you happy for a while, so it is worth it. Its a classic and you won't regret the money at all, or at least I wouldn't. My only advice is to make sure that you don't settle on a choice to get a birkin sooner and get exactly what you want, even if it means waiting a little longer.
  5. birkin, or open a mutual fund LOL
  6. Get that birkin! You've been talking about birkins for awhile now so I want to see you get it. :lol:
  7. Noriko, darling, go for the Birkin! :smile:

    I think you deserve one, and it will make you very happy. A classy bag for a classy girl. :smile:
  8. Noriko, you know what I'M going to say!! hehe

    Can your parents adopt me?
  9. you will love the brikin.
  10. I've tried to go back and read almost every post that's ever been done...not quite there yet! But I have seen that you are a lovely caring gal, and that a birkin has been on your radar screen for quite a while. I'm not sure if anything else will make you happier as this is the purse forum, not the diamond ring forum!:biggrin:
    Go for it and make yourself happy. But you absolutely MUST post pictures so that those of us, (myself included), who live vicariously through these posts and you luckie duckies can share it too, deal?
  11. Funny you mention that Greentea, I was adopted :biggrin: :lol: I'll talk to your dad for you Blue ;)

    Thanks for the words of confidence! I just called my SA and he wasnt in :sad: The other SA said that they usually dont get shipments on the weekend though, so there probably wont be any until Monday if at all. I soooooooo need this bag :nuts: You guys have no idea how badly I want it on my arm. I really wish they did have charge send!!!!

  12. You better believe TONS of pictures WILL follow!!!!!:nuts: I can't wait to bring home that magic orange bag/box.
  13. I say get the birkin. It will make you really happy. Besides, you already have everything else you want. ;)
  14. Go Birkin!! I was going to suggest some sort of vacation as an alternative, but you already live in the most beautiful place on earth, Hawaii! There's nowhere to go but Birkin :P Enjoy it, Noriko!
  15. Can I get an amen for the Birkin? What color? I know you've been wanting one for awhile now but I forgot what color??? How exciting! I think you should go for it! Not too many things can top an Hermes!