Advice..anyone getting their SA a xmas gift?

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  1. I sent my SA a holiday card last year for Christmas, but would really love to pick up something more personalized this year and I'm looking for suggestions....what are you guys getting your fav SA this year?
  2. I'm not getting anything for my SA.. but maybe just a card?

    Perhaps get them a box of chocolates and a Cles?
  3. Yes, I love my SA. Going to get her a giftcard for her favorite stores.
  4. i know my SA loves Hermes (more than LV!) so I was going to get him a gift card since he's helped me track down some impossibles this year. Do you think $50 is too little? I mean it won't get much at Hermes... but I feel like I am too cheap for $100.
  5. I give the store a box of truffles....I love everyone in the boutique I go to.
  6. I think nice chocolates (Godiva or Moonstruck) is the way to go.
  7. I wish I had a good SA. Everytime I've asked an SA for help they aren't very helpful.
  8. I got a bottle of ice wine for my SA last year.....

    maybe chocolate this year? :confused1:
  9. Keep the idea comming! My SA has been wonderful this year, give me the impossible 15% off of watch too! But she is really into calorie watching, and into hermes too.....but the clostest Hermes will be at leat 4 hour drive....SPA certificate perhaps?
  10. Ice wine are sooo yummy! I'd proabably finish it first before it gets to SA haha :p
  11. I was thinking chocolates for the store..they have all treated me very well through the years and it's so nice to be known by name when you walk in. I was thinking about sending one of these to the entire store and perhaps give her a little something a bit more personal. What do you think?
  12. anyone know what's the cheapest thing at hermes and how much it costs? i think that might be better than a $50 gc for me.