Advice and suggestions needed!

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  1. I ordered black patent Pigalle 100's from NAP about a week ago in a 39.5 (I don't have a narrow foot so the website advised I size up), however these were too big so I exchanged for a 39 (my regular size) which arrived today and I am absolutely in love with them (in the meantime all the other sizes sold out very quickly and I was lucky to be able to exchange) however they are still too big at the back of the heel, not as bad as the 39.5, but there is a definite gap (moreso on my right than left), though the toe box is bordering on uncomfortable so I'm not really willing to go any tighter there.

    So my question is, from the photos I am going to attach (they're super grainy sorry about that), do you think if I buy something to pad the ball of my foot and maybe a heel grip they will be workable? Or will they eventually stretch to the point where I'll just be slipping out (at the moment I'm not)? The only reason I'm desperate to keep them is because the wait at the Sydney store for these shoes is ridiculous and I don't know when I'll next come across a pair in close to my size! For that matter I don't know if a 38.5 will be too small anyway.

    Thank you in advance :smile: I could really do with some advice! I think the first photo makes it look a bit worse than it is as I took it from above, the second is a bit more accurate.

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  2. They do look too big... I would suggest trying the Dr. Scholls Gray Heel Liners. They are IMO, the best heel liners and Ive tried every heel liner out there.

    Also, I dislike using the ball of the foot things because I find they give me less room. I put a good ply Kleenex or toilet paper in the tox box of some of my shoes and I find that helps a lot.
  3. I suggest you return them. Patent leather stretches with wear and padding might not help that much from a point. You should enjoy your shoes, not worry about making them work.
  4. If you have no heelslippage now?!? I think they will be fine - you can put a dr. Scholl heel grip in later - in case you get heel slippage. But if you have heel slippage already you better send them back. Hope this helps 😃
  5. In my opinion, I think they are way too big.....they look like they would fall off when you walk.....
  6. Thank you everyone :smile: I'm on the wait list for the 38.5 so fingers crossed and I will probably return these, even though oddly I'm not falling out yet I think that would probably be imminent.
  7. Funnily enough I tried them on again this morning and I managed to step out of one of them even when I wasn't even slipping at the back last night (probably because I had done a lot of walking yesterday and my feet had expanded). In your opinion do they look only half a size too big or a full size? I could fit about half of my little finger into the gap in the back behind my heel. Thanks!
  8. What is NAP?
  9. I think 1/2 size too big....but just my opinion and my past experience...
  10. Sorry it's Net-A-Porter :smile:
  11. Loubou7 this is off topic but I am coming to sydney in a few weeks and thinking of buying my first pair of cls from the flagship store. I have budgeted for around $1200 I just want a basic black platform not sure on style as it depends on what they have, is that enough? Do you know the price of say a pair of bianca's?
    I have looked online but I have not been able to get an accurate price so I am wondering if it is enough.
  12. Hi! I don't know the price off-hand, but I would think that $1200 should be enough for a pair of CL's that meet your description! I think best thing to do would be to call the boutique and ask prices/see which stock they have available/if they know any stock that will be in by the time you are in Sydney. Their number is (02) 8203 0902. Sorry couldn't be more help!
  13. No that's enough info thanks so much. I think I will call in advance too to make sure they have the ones I want. From looking around the web they don't always have the sizes.

    Thanks again
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    Based on the second pic, I say keep it. I have the same shoes and I have to size up by .5 to a 36.5. My gap appears to be the same as yours and the toe box is about right, snug but not tight. I have worn it out and very comfortable. Since it's so easy to grip on the front I have no issue with slippage and my feet tend to swell some time of the day, so that extra space is perfect. I also tried on a 36 black kid and it's too tight, my toes scrunch, although lengthwise it fits perfectly. I learn my lesson not to try to stretch it and kill my feet if it doesn't feel right the first time.

    Btw, I have narrow feet and had to size up. CL sizing is so random and never standard.
  15. Thank you everyone for your help :smile: I was fortunate enough to be able to get the 38.5 pair from Net a Porter (if anyone is wondering, my experience so far with their customer service has been fantastic) and they fit very well. Toe box is just as snug as the 39, but the back of the heel fits perfectly in the 38.5, so I'm very pleased. If anyone is interested, the approximate insole measurement of this size (black patent pigalle, 100mm heel) is about 24.9cm (my measurement tape does not go to the very point of the toe, about .5cm from it. My foot is around 25cm.