Advice: Alexa for work/school?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm seriously in love with the OS oak Alexa but I want to use it for school. I attend Uni, so the only things I need with me are my laptop (13 MacBook) and maybe a notepad etc. I usually don't bring any books. Can the bag take that or is it too fragile? It would be my first Mulberry - I did for the longest time consider a Bay, but I'm not crazy about the NVT leather. So I've decided to wait since they never go on sale in Chocolate anyway, and I might buy on Ebay instead if I can find one in Darwin leather.
  2. How heavy is ur mac?
  3. I'm not sure. Around 1.5 kg perhaps.
  4. I would not put a Notebook computer in an Oversized Alexa but that is just me. The leather on Alexa is not as heavy/sturdy as a Bayswater.
    I will be getting a new ipad and I will carry that in my Alexa. I think the
    Alexa can handle a small netbook or Ipad.
  5. Hmm, that's a little disappointing. I really want an Alexa, but if it can't carry my daily items, it seems like a waste.
  6. Does anyone else who owns an OS Oak Alexa have anything else to add?
  7. I dont own an Alexa but perhaps a bayswater may be better as the Alexa is a slouchy bag!
    hope this helps a little!
    Love Fran
  8. Thanks Fran! Every bit of advice helps, really. I don't know if this is a stupid question, but why is a slouchy bag not as good as a structural one?
  9. well i think its the leather but im not sure you may have to ask one of the other ladies on here!

    Love Fran
  10. Hiya, sorry i saw this last night and have had probs with my computer getting a virus and crashing - spent 2 hours trying to sort it to no avail....anyway here i am again.

    Despite the fact i love OS Alexa and have just bought one, the love does not vanquish the reality that this is not as hard wearing a bag as the traditional ones like Bayswater and Roxy etc.....I am not intending to baby my bag but on the other hand i am convinced that she will not carry the same as a bays would. Therefore i will be using a teeny 7" laptop on Alexa days and no books....

    If you use your mac I would be very carefuly about what else you put in Alexa.....

    go to a shop and try it out for yourslef...the Bays are fabulous - laptop, books and usual stuff...i would not subject Alexa to that but on the other hand, think that Mulberry bags should withstand some weight....

    The problem is less with the leather as with the way the handles are attached imo....the top handle has a habit of pulling up the postmans lock and therefore of stretching the leather...the side straps are not attached as firmly or with much reinforcment as they are on a bays.....this is why i suspect the bag will not hold more stuff.

    Good luck!
  11. A structural bag isnt better than a slouchy one Advo - they are just different! A structured bag like the bayswater will hold its shape even when loaded with heavy items, books laptops etc where as the slouchy styles will not. For example your laptop in Alexa will more than likely push the bottom of the bag down unless you put a strong strip of cardboard in the bottom to distribute the weight evenly.

    I imagine Alexa may be too heavy to wear as a messenger with a laptop in? Depends how strong you are feeling! But handheld I would imagine it would be fine as long as you dont have too much in there with your laptop. The bayswater is a heavier bag to start with and mine is a bit of a lump when loaded up for uni! Just depends what look you prefer and which one you feel is going to work better for you day to day!

    I would recommend the buffalo leather over the shiny leopard leathers, the buffalo is a thicker leather and would probably cope better with a heavier load.
  12. First, thanks so much for the advice! I do realise that I could find out some of these things myself when I see the bag irl. The problem is that no stores carry the OS Alexa yet. I have seen the regular one - way too small for me unfortunately - and I was told that the OS would arrive in Feb, but last I checked (yesterday) it's been postponed till March. I definitely do need to see it irl before buying, especially since it seems to come in various degrees of quality, but it's really helpful with advice beforehand, since I'm not 100% sure it'll suit my needs.

    I understand now why a structural bag might work better for carrying a heavier load, but I'm certain that most of the times, I would only be carrying my laptop. It's a 13 inches MacBook and I think it weighs around 1.5 kg, which imo isn't that heavy. I had hoped that the Alexa could carry that. I do love the Bay, but it's just not as versatile (different ways to carry it) as the Alexa imo. Furthermore, the bag seems heavier than an Alexa which just adds to the total load
  13. ^^ of course - i had forgotten you were not in the UK Advo - apologies for that.

    I think if you only carry the mac and a purse and a few bits you could probably get away with it - esp in the ink leather which in my ltd expereince seems to be a wee bit thicker....(tho not sure how or why this can be.)

    I suspect you will not be overfilling it from what you say above.
  14. No worries, Poppy.

    I definitely will go to the store and try it out when it finally arrives, I just started the thread to see if others who already own the bag have tried putting their laptops in etc. and the limitations of the bag really. I know there's the pros and cons thread, but I wanted it to be more specific in relation to school or even work.

    I definitely won't be overfilling the bag either way, LOL, because I'm pretty weak. I couldn't carry a whole bunch of stuff and I would never risk such an expensive bag. I love the design of the Alexa and I love how you can carry it in so many ways. That's why it could be a great school bag from a functionally POV as long as it can actually carry my load of course.
  15. I have a 13 inch MacBook and it goes in Alexa no problem. I wouldn't want to put a lot of books in there with it, I must say, but purse, keys, phone etc - easy!