Advice about two week notice please!

  1. I have been with my current job for 9 months. Within the 9 months I have learned a lot at the practice I am with but my relationship with my coworker mainly and has slowly started dwindling downwards and it's come to a point where I am not happy to go to work anymore, my work is not my best and I don't feel apart of the team.

    To make the story short if any of you are interested: This "coworker" let's call her "M" she is 53. She left one friday and we told her to have an amazing day and she responded with "i will, i have a life outside of this office too" and my other coworker told her "so do we" in a jokingly manner! M called the other coworker at the end of the day and left a nasty message. She told my other coworker why the other coworker said that and that my other coworker ruined her weekend and that I loved seeing my other coworker saying that and I "enjoyed" it ... I laughed because it was a joke and didn't think much else about it. After M said that, she started talking about me and left 4 three minute long voicemails all about me. My other coworker showed me these voicemails and thought that I should know about them and have confronted "M" about never calling her again and leaving her voicemails about me. These voicemails consisted of her saying that 1. I am "stunningly manipulative" and an manipulating everyone to side with me 2. I am easily replaceable and because I think I am amazing at computers that she can find someone else like me to do it 3. Talks about how I dress continuously after changing my attire the 1st time and started wearing cardigans and scarves to MAKE SURE nobody ever says anything again she is saying that they'll always talk about how I dress. This was just the 1st voicemail and I didn't bother listening to the other 3 that were about me as well. I felt shocked and my feelings were hurt as nobody has ever felt this way about me and I've never has a problem like this before. I didn't know bringing in a breakfast burrito for my coworker because she wanted to try it was considered manipulative.

    She leaves early every Friday at 1230 because she gets there at 730, M-Fri. I brought up to her if I came early do I get to leave early too? She said why are you challenging me? You get here at 8 no earlier no later. You'll never leave early.

    She will make me do work that the doctors ask her to do and after I finish them, she will take it back to them as if she has spent time on it so she will receive positive feedback from the doctors for doing the work.

    And muchhh more.

    I just got another job offer and a better one at that with better benefits/ room to grow within the company and amazing people that I get along with and I love their business culture!

    What should my two week notice consist of? Should I be honest about how I am feeling? Should I tell the doctors about what's been going on with this coworker?
    Should I tell them I feel harassed and bullied at work?

    I do not want to burn any bridges but I feel like if I leave just saying that I have found a better opportunity I am leaving something unsaid about how I was treated.

    TIA :smile:
  2. well, your co-workers already know about the situation so you don't have to tell the doctors. if the doctors really want to know why you left, they will ask your coworkers. just give notice. if they ask why, i would just say you found a place where you are a better fit or something general and non-negative.
  3. most employers do not want to participate in those kind of stuff happen between the employees. if you save those VM, you could forward to your employer on the day you leave. you can mention that to them face to face in one of those exit interviews. but i would just write a very neutral resignation letter.
    on the bright side, you got a new job. and most importantly, you are not someone who is crazy.....and get that upset over something so trivial. sometimes i feel sorry for those kind of people and most of the time i just don't want to waste one single brain cell on people like that.....
  4. Well the time to address your coworker's behavior was while you were still employed. Your coworker was creating a hostile work environment, to say the least. And a good manager would want to know about an issue this large so that they could address it rather than lose good employees. And you had the voicemail evidence to back it up. Although, I would not approach the managers in a complaining way, but more in the sense that you want to find a solution. Plus, any HR department would have nipped that in the bud. Your coworker was crazy and ridiculous (and I don't think her age has anything to do with it, so I'm not sure why it's mentioned here).

    But since you didn't approach your managers at the time, you should just move on and not burn a bridge. However, if you think your doctors would be open to hearing about that behavior and seem like the type to be proactive and would sincerely want to know, you could tell them. But I wouldn't tell them it was the reason you're leaving; more like that you think they'd want to know. And I'd keep it very short and neutral. But a lot of managers are not good managers and they may take it as a criticism of their practice. Only you can judge that. Be sure to leave on a positive note because these doctors will be providing you professional references for a very long time.
  5. Thanks ladies! I put in my two weeks in and all is well! I AM READY TO MOVE ON!

    Thepoppet: I added her age in because I figured that someone who is much older than me would treat me as if I were her daughter or be more mature is all
  6. No, there is no need to quote personal feelings in your 2week notice just keep it professional. You are moving on to bigger and better things and there is no need to waste your precious breath on people who don't give a dam about you.

    Congratulations on Your new employment!


    Dear BOSS NAME:
    Thank you for the opportunity to work at xyz inc. I have learned a lot during my time here. I truly appreciate your guidance and friendship during my time employed.
    However, the time has come for me to move on. This letter is to formally announce my resignation from xyz My last day will be JUNE XX, 2012.
    Please let me know what I can do to make my final time here a productive experience.

  7. Don't burn the bridge. I left an office where a coworker was toxic but I left at the good terms. I believe in karma. Congrats!!!!