Advice about Gustto bag

  1. Hi... I just bought a small Baca bag in gray at the sample sale in NYC last week and went to wear it yesterday only to find that the inside zipper pocket zips open to no pocket. I emailed Gustto's customer service and they said that the policy is that I need to return it to the store I bought it at for a return authorization ... I'm pretty sure that the sample sale will not do anythign to help out in this situation, does anyone have any suggestions? Does Gustto authorize these sample sales? If so, will they accept any responsibilty for this bag? I'm nervous that if I say that I bought it at the sample sale they may say they cannot do anything to help me. Thank you so much for any help you can give!!
  2. Hmm, I don't own any Gustto, but I've heard really fantastic things about their CS. There's actually a new thread about how great they are! I wouldn't try to fool them about the origin of your purse, but at the end of the day, it is still a Gustto product, and I hope they will be able to help. Good luck!
  3. So I responded to Gustto customer service and was honest about having bought it at the sample sale. I wrote that I feared Clothingline would not be of much assistance and if I had any other options. I told her how long I had waited to get this bag and how the lack of that interior pocket is a real nuisance. Her response was that the Clothingline sales was final sale and that maybe I could bring it to a tailor. I'm not really sure how I should react to this. I appreciated that it was a sample sale and I saved a significant amount of money but, at the same time, still spent a good amount on the bag and would hope that they would stand by their item. I realize you're supposed to inspect the bags at the site and I thought I had....I know I checked the zippers but never realized to check to see if the pocket was there.

    Would you continue to pursue it with Gustto or just let it go?
  4. For a sample sale, I'd probably just let it go. It'd be nice if they guaranteed their product though.
  5. I wouldn't pursue it. The thing with sample sales are that some of the bags might be prototypes and not be exactly like the final product or be damaged. Which is why the inspection part is so important at a sample sale. I wouldn't expect a designer to guarantee a product from a sample sale.
  6. I dunno. I wouldn't pursue it with Gustto... I'd just take it to a bag repair place. Putting a pocket in shouldn't cost that much.

    Usually when I go to sample sales, I'm under the impression that most of the bags there might have damage, blemishes, and/or might be showroom samples, and therefore show wear.
  7. If you had seen it at the sample sale, they would have given it to you cheaper. I was there and the guy behind the counter said they would only lower the price if something was damaged and he would have to call Gustto. They did sponsor it...
  8. Actually, I would bring it to Nordstroms. I had a bag i purchased at clothinglines sale tear a little near the handle. I called Gustto and they said i should take it where i purchased it, knowing i couldnt take it back to Clothingline... i called Nordstroms (in Paramus) and asked what could be done. They issue an RA or RS im not sure, i forget.. and they send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed.

    Im not sure if this will work in your situation, as i dont know if Nordstroms would sell a bag that is defective like that.. mine just needs to be sticked or whatever they do..

    either way, its worth a try!
  9. I received an email back from Clothingline (the place that runs the sample sale) stating that I should bring the bag back with the receipt and they'll see what they can do but they weren't making any promises. I brought in the bag today and they could not have been nicer! They happened to have one more gray bag left and exchanged it for me without hesitation....I've bought many (too many to be honest) bags from Clothingline Sample Sales so I couldn't be happier to see that they stand by their products and treat their customers well! Thank you all for your advice!
  10. Yay, that is great.
    Did you see what bags were left (styles) and if prices had changed?
    Did you see the diaper bags and how much they were? I love the one w/ the peace sign that Marcia Cross uses, wanted to know if that was there.
  11. That's awesome! I'm glad they resolved it for you.
  12. They still had a bunch of the Gustto bags (it seemed like all of the styles were still available) and the prices were all still the same....I didn't get to look too closely but considering they haven't sent out a follow up email about lower prices I would guess that they still have a lot in stock.
  13. Hi....can you tell me if this sample sale is still going on?
  14. sample sale will end on oct.3 7pm too many color left,some black and brown left for baca.but lots of parina stela bags to choose.if you live in nyc,go take a look.
  15. Great to hear that Clothingline sorted it out for you! Good for you.