Advice about buying Gelish

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  1. Hi there

    I have recently bought the RCM pro kit and am loving it, and have gleaned through reading posts on here that it's ok to use gelish colours with the system?

    There are a few gelish colours I would love to buy but I'm not a trained nail technician and so am unable to buy their colours over here in the UK. Is that also the case in the US? If not, does anyone know of any online retailers that ship to the UK? I'm loathe to buy from eBay in case the products are not genuine.

    Any advice gratefully received, many thanks
  2. I've bought 4 bottles of gel polish off of eBay, I just go into their feedback and make sure other buyers are saying good things about their products before I will buy from them. I am not sure of other places as the whole gel polish is pretty new to me. I do love it though.
  3. I always buy my Gelish colors through Amazon. I never got any problems with the sellers, and the products arrived quickly and in bubble wrapping. Hope it helps.
  4. I came across a website I have not ordered from them, but they will ship international depending on the country guidelines. Also saw they do not state if they ship international or not.
    Hope you are able to order.
  5. I agree with what others have said. You can definetly use the Gelish with RCM!!
    Have fun! :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies.......maybe you're right about eBay, I guess feedback counts for a lot. I'll check the other couple of sites out too :smile: