Advice about buying bags abroad v. in US

  1. Are Chanel handbag prices fixed internationally? For example, the same bag that is $2000 in the US sells in Hong Kong at a price equivalent to $2000 USD (or ~$15540 HKD, exchange rate = 7.77). If I'm a US citizen, I could also claim back the tax at the airport, right? How does that work - I show my receipts as I exit Customs?

    Just trying to figure out logistics for next time I travel... :smile: Thanks, everyone!
  2. HK is tax free so no tax rebate at the airport. sorry.
  3. If you can you should purchase it in Europe, Paris even, as it is cheaper.
    If you purchase it at London Heathrow the tax is already taken off.
  4. Lol yea, HK is a bad example b/c it's tax-free. And thx for tip on Europe/Paris - I'll definitely have to check it out but no plans for Europe anytime soon, sadly.

    What about buying Chanel in Taipei?