Advice... 2 yr anniversary gift???

  1. This coming July will be my 2nd year anniversary with my bf. I really want to get him something nice. Any ideas?
  2. I'll just throw out some different ideas since I'm not really sure what he's like...

    1.) Hermes Tie
    2.) Books by his favorite comedian or author
    3.) A weekend visiting his favorite city
    4.) Concert tickets or tickets to a comedy show
    5.) Rolex
    6.) Electronic Gadget, TV, Camera
    7.) Polaroid Camera & Film :graucho:
  3. No 7 looks fun LOL:angel:
  4. my bf isn't the 'book' nor 'tie' type. he's more into games. i thought about getting him a watch but remembered him telling me not to ever get him a watch cuz he rather use his cell phone for the time. basically, he's a food and game type of person.
  5. thanks for the ideas.. but the only one that connects to him is #6. i guess i should start shopping at sharper image or something.
  6. Does he have an Amazon wishlist? I know it takes a bit of surprise out of the way, but at least you know you're getting something he'd really like. Maybe ask him to make a list and then do something romantic and unexpected on the side?
  7. Kind of like my husband..

    If you are not going the fine wallet/belt/tie route.
    I'd say go for

    (1) The awesome new nintendo DS is coming out tomorrow!!!

    (2) A nice noise canceling headphone from Bose

    (3) Ipod nano for workouts (you can engrave special messages and also get student discounts online)
  8. i've decided to get him a wallet and maybe a belt to tag along cuz his belt is pretty beat up now. any suggestions on wallets???
  9. It totally depends on how much you wanna spend

    I bought my husband a wallet 3 years ago from LV ($400) and it still looks brand new.

    Ferragamo and Gucci has nice wallets for ($200)
  10. he's not into monograms, so LV would be out of my list
  11. Well, I was going to say an IPOD with all of the songs that are special or bring back memories for you guys downloaded onto it....until I read about the wallet! I bought my DH a GRANDBAND in gold for X-mas, and he loves it. I think you can see them at it is like a giant rubberband for your money....really cool!!
  12. i'm kind of broke lately so my budget is 300.