Advertising for females

  1. I have made friends with a model from an artistic web site. She is an aspiring model and knows that doing a lot of grassroots type of work may pay off in the future.

    Also within her group of friends there are several very good photographers and digital touch up an enhancement people. So between her modeling skills and the talents of her friends she can provide us high-quality web and print ready images.

    In compensation, she would like to keep any tattooable purses that she uses for display in the images and a modest amount of cash, basically enough for pizza and beer for the day. LOL

    The dilemma that I have is, I have no idea of what to do with this opportunity. Basically it's twofold, one, she asked for a list of what we're looking for in the composition. Things like basic feeling, clothing, coloring, backgrounds, etc. I really don't know how to describe what I think is cool, also it doesn't matter what I think is cool, what matters is that the images are cool to potential clients which brings me to the second half of my problem. I'm sure they will be super cool photos, that display my product well, but unless I am committed to some type of marketing campaign how much value are they really going to have for me?

    I guess the question is, what types of images or feelings would YOU go after in the photos, especially when you consider the tattooable purses are rather unusual and I have no idea who the real demographic is?

    Your input and feedback would be greatly appreciated,