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  1. :confused1: So I was surfing though pf and sometimes I see intresting links from sponsers that I click on the link. Well I clicked on a particular one, citivoguedotcom, because it seemed a little fishy. Turns out its a bunch of FAKE bags, or well I am assuming they are because they were all the same price. I am just shocked that the website got on here. :cursing:

    Do the owners of tpf let them be on here or is it automatic? I am not trying to call anyone out here I am just a little shocked that I found that on here.
  2. i was thinking the same thing... i thought that the advertisements are regulated by whoever runs a website... that's why i was pretty shocked to find some links on here to sites that sell fakes...
  3. Ya, I took a look at that site- there is no WAY those can be real bags- Fendis for under $200 ???? No way. But the one thing that really bothers me is how easy it is to find these fake sites- and honestly, girls YOU are helping fake-buyers find them- by posting the names of the fake websites !!!! If we just stop NAMING the sites, people won't be able to find them as easily. DO you know how I found PF in the first place ?? One of my co-workers checked out the forums to get names of websites to buy fakes from !!!!! So please, if you want to "help the cause" and take a stand against fakes STOP PROVIDING THE WEBSITE NAMES !!!! (not preaching... this is just my opinion on the matter....)
  4. For the text ads, they are run by google. Basically these companies bid for certain keywords "purse" "fendi" "gucci" etc. Which ads show up is all automatic....not sure how hard it is for a website owner to knock off certain ads.
  5. This morning I was logged on The Purse Forum and below the home page I found a banner from advertising designer handbags for less. I clicked onto the banner and realize they are all fake bags! Especially the Chanel ones. I'm not blaming TPF but why are we sponsering banners that sell fakes? Please do something about it!! Look at this Chanel bag on horrible fake! The CC's is lop-sided, plus the other pics shows Chanel's with hanging tags. Yuck!:nuts:

    I just think The Purse Forum should take down CitiVogue's banner because some member's on here might think its a credible site the sells authentic bags just because they were linked from TPF site.
  6. As far as I know, the ads below are sponsored by Google or another CPC advertising company. TPF has absolutely no control or say in which ads do or do not appear there. I think that the sponsored ads come automatically with the forum hosting. However, I remember a thread where we were asked to report ads that were promoting fakes- I just can't recall if they were for the paid TPF advertisers or the CPC ads on the bottom...
    PM Megs or Vlad on this I think or post in in Feedback Forum which is probably a better place for this thread:flowers:
  7. I don't think that the website owners have a lot of control over what ads are shown, I think some may make an exception for adult sites, and an owner can ask not to have those, but my understanding is that google, and other companies who have similar programs, are the ones who decide on the ads, and the website owner has the option of choosing not to participate in the program at all, a decision that has the potential to impact revenue!
  8. Remember the ads for body bags ?:roflmfao:
  9. ^oh, that was hilarious! hehe. :roflmfao:
  10. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll go ahead and block them from advertising on tPF.
  11. If you report it we can filter them out of our google ads. We attempt to only allow authentic stores to advertise, but they will pop up on google and we need to either see it or be notified :yes:

    Thanks for letting us know!
  12. There's also an increase in spam on the Coach forum. I reported 2 today. Is this a problem across the entire pf?
  13. ^the same person has been all over today. i've reported, like, 10 times today.
  14. yes, a few people have been on a field day today.
  15. they're cockroaches, i swear. and annoying ones with fake goods, at that.
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