Advertising Fakes Right on tPf?!

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's very wrong that the ad banners right on tPf advertise FAKES and COUNTERFEITS of the bags you love while viewing the various forums? Some less savvy people cruising tPf may assume that ads on the site would surely only show authentic goods, because this is a PURSE FORUM that supposedly is anti counterfeiting.

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    I think someone asked/mentioned the same on another thread. Whether the ads were genuine or not.
    But I am guessing the ads are based on your browser history.
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    A better solution is to report the ads to google ads team or to TPF so they can block that provider directly. Or go click around on Nordstrom, and you'll get all nordstrom ads all the time!!
  4. Interesting. I agree these sites should not be in the ad
  5. You don't earn money from simply viewing the ads. I think it is when you click on it, they get revenue.
    Google ads are based on your browser history, as far as I know. So each individual reporting the google ad may not be feasible. Hence when you click on Nordstrom, you get NS ads for a certain time.
    tPF might be able to block that particular fake site though.
  6. Of course they don't belong here, they somehow snuck through the filters Vlad has in place.
    I'll move this to Feedback Dropbox where it belongs and flag it for Vlad. :smile:
  7. It definitely uses your browser history - I'm in the LV section of tPf and I was on the ACTUAL Louis Vuitton site today, nowhere else. Somehow apparently this is enough for fake sites to troll the tPf banners and advertise things that will catch your eye, posing as things that you're interested in. I do not visit counterfeit sites, ever... not even by mistake!
  8. Thanks!
  9. I would need to know what URL / domain the ad links to in order to block it from showing up. Can you please provide this info? Thanks!
  10. The next time it pops up I'll click on it and provide the link. I went into my browser history and all I can find is a redirect link, but it's not going there anymore.
  11. Thanks everyone for alerting us!!

    We've set up pretty strict rules for Google on what can show and what can't but sometimes a bad ad slides in. And we didn't see it on our end, so you reporting it is a major help.

    We never have and never will promote fakes!
  12. The advertiser has now been blocked from showing. Thanks!