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  1. Dear Vlad and Megs,

    I noticed today that the advertisements are showing inside of the threads more prominently now. They are practically on every single page of every thread. I don't remember them being so bad! On the mobile site, I am at least able to close them. They are also out of the way more on the mobile site than the app since they are at the top of the screen (outside of the actual thread). Closing them out does not seem to be an option in the app. Are there going to be as many advertisements in the new app? It is very frustrating because I keep clicking on them while scrolling through various threads.

    Thank you,
    Violet Bleu
  2. Yup, I've clicked several times already [emoji51]
    I guess that is the point i.e. clicks. Unfortunately, it will result in me not using the app.

  3. Clicks are not the point.

    The in-app banners are our affiliated partners and our site gets a small kickback if people shop through these links. The banners only run once in a while in the app, I am confident that they can be tolerated in exchange to the app being completely free and continued to be maintained. :idea:
  4. #4 May 25, 2016
    Last edited: May 25, 2016

    If it's only once in a while then yes, totally ok. I thought it might be something that would continue.
    Oh and please don't misunderstand, I have no problem with you guys making some money from this place, it's just that I hate adds :smash:
    I'd still be interested in a paid app :graucho:

  5. It's not in-app banners - it's not banners at all. The second post in EVERY thread section is an advertisement. The ads are placed to look exactly like thread posts.

    From the Feedback Dropbox: get seriously silly at Walgreens!


    From Hermes: visiting London is like stepping into a film set!


  6. I only see it at the very bottom of each page.
  7. I can keep going. These are in every section, made to look like a thread. Unless "the 8 warning signs of RA" is actually a Feedback announcement???

  8. This new app update introduced these new ads that I explicitly set to be turned off. I am contacting the app developers to see why they still show.

  9. Thank you, Vlad. Because I don't want to know why he said his goodbyes at 62 (they pop up INSIDE the thread lists, too).

    I counted - it's every 20 threads a fake thread (ad) appears.


  10. Yup! These ads are all over!! Quite disappointing...

  11. As both a site owner and a content consumer, I find these ads misleading and I don't want them showing in our app. Apologies for this.
  12. In my opinion the new version is a step backwards in usability. The little black bars denoting unread content are strange and don't exactly jump out at the user. I do hope you get the fake post ads resolved soon, because they are really a bummer and in most of the cases I have seen, completely counter to the intent and vibe of the forum.

  13. Those ads are black listed! We never allow counterfeit/fake info on the site, ads included.

    The changes were forced by the app developer, tbh both Vlad and I don't love them either. Seeing what we can do about it! I don't like the black bars
  14. The problematic ads have been removed from the app and should no longer appear.
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