Adventures in Coach~ Patent Lonnie Ballet flats $51.75!!!!

  1. Yesterday I decided to stop by Macy’s to see if they had those Valeri flats on sale after I read Coach Bag’s thread on how she got them for $55. But, alas, they were still full price:tdown:.

    As long as I was at the mall I figured I’d stop by the Coach store.

    I am so grateful to Bagandfootfetish who graciously sent me her PCE card. She is such an angel and even overnighted it to me to make sure I got it in time!!! She is the sweetest thing EVER!!!:love::yahoo:

    My darling boyfriend wanted to take me to the boutique after he finished his work day and help me pick out a Turquoise ergo and something else to go with it and I was thinking about getting the Nicola flats in Turquoise. He decided he wanted to pay for it! He said he’s been wanting to get me a bag for a while since he knows how obsessed I am with them, but I didn’t want him to spend so much money on one for me (we’re trying to scrimp and save right now) but he said that he really wanted to treat me to something beautiful and since he’d be saving money using PCE, he’d get me the shoes too:happydance:.

    But, to my dismay, the turquoise on the shoes doesn’t match up with the turquoise at all! Not even a little! I decided to try them on anyway and they were REALLY uncomfortable:crybaby:.

    I was disappointed, but since I was already there I started looking at a couple of other pairs of shoes and was drawn to the patent leather Lonnie ballet flats. I turned them over to see that they were marked down to $69!:nuts: I tried it on in an 8 and it was a tinsy bit tight so I asked if they had any in 8.5. Of course they didn’t, so I asked if they could be ordered. The SA looked like she didn’t think they’d be available but said she’d check anyway. They were!!!! And in all 3 colours (punch, black, and gunmetal). With my PCE they came out to only $51.75 each, so I ordered a pair in Punch AND in black!

    The best thing is that together INCLUDING tax, they were less expensive than the Nicola flats would have been with PCE before tax. I guess it’s a good thing those shoes pinched my feet. Otherwise I would have never even turned the Lonnie flats over.:tender:

    Unfortunately my bf had to work late and by the time he got out of work and we drove to the boutique, it was closed:sad: (it closed at 8 instead of 9 for summer hours). Oh well, just one more day for me to anticipate my beautiful Turquoise Ergo.
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  2. Congrats! :yahoo: Great price too. :tup:
  3. Very nice price!
    Share modeling pics when you can =)
  4. Oh, i definitely will as soon as I get them! They should arrive sometime next week. It's so hard to wait til then!!!
  5. Hehe, i just realized how long this is! Sorry for being so wordy. It's the first thread i've posted so i guess I got a little carried away hehe:blush:
  6. your so lucky ive been wanting the punch flats for the longest time ! what a great find congratulations !
  7. Great deal!! I am hoping to find some cute Coach shoes tomorrow, either at Macy's/Nordstroms or the Coach store!

    Not wordy at all! :p You should see the threads I post... they are like a short novel!
  8. ^^^ thanks Bags4Bubbles. That makes me feel a lot better. I sure hope you can find some good shoe deals tomorrow!
  9. OK, so I started this with my Valeri's...what I didn't mention was that I wasn't sure I was going to keep them because they are a 9 (all they had in black) and I really wear an 8.5. I was trying to decide when I read this post! I ran right over to the Coach boutique and ordered a pair of Lonnie's in 8.5 as well! Going to take the Valeri's back. At any rate, the SA told me that since they were on sale the PCE wouldn't work. I just said OK, they were only $69...but then another SA walked up and they started talking about it and said, "Let's give it a try." I wanted to say "It will work, my tPF friend did it already...", but I didn't. They scanned my card and I acted suprised when it worked!! So, Monday I'm returning to Macy's...
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but do all Coach stores carry shoes?
  11. ^^Mine only carries a VERY limited selection
  12. YeaH!!!! We can be Lonnie Punch twins. I got them the other day with the PCE and they are too cute.

    You will love them. Now I am working on buying a lot of outfits to got with them.
  13. Congrats!

    When I was in for PCE, my size was long gone and I hadn't tried on at full price. I do love the shoes this time around though... they're adorable!
  14. Woohoo Coach bag, I'm so glad you got them!!! The black ones are so cute and classic!!!

    eosgurl, Yay that we can be twins! I don't even have mine yet and I'm already thinking "ooh, this will look cute with them...and so will this, and this!!" I'm so ridiculously excited.
  15. Are you serious!!! I just tried the same shoes at Dillard's today and they had them on sale for $79!!

    I tried the 8.5 in black but I wear a 9 and it was a bit too tight! UGH!!!

    Congrats on your great find!! :tup: