Adventures in Coach-All Coach...All Day!!!!!

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  1. So, I started the day with the family to the Flagship Coach In Oakbrook, Illinois. I had to pick out the purse of my dreams. I was ready to splurge. BUT, I was awaiting my PCE. I knew I should get it soon. Anyway I figured I'd pick one out and I'd just hop over there when I got my coupon. So, I found my dream purse the minute I walked in the door...the Madison Sequin Audrey. But had to wait til next weekend, by then I'd have my coupon. So, we decided to head off to the Coach outlet to see if I could find an everday pusrse since the sequin one would not do while at baseball games, work, etc. We walk in and to my surprise it's 20% off day. Woo-hoo!! Then I find a B-U-tiful black leather Lg Zoe convervitble. So excited!! Then, the stars must all be lining up because it is also the Grand opening of the Men's Coach outlet store. Score more Coach. So hubby got to get himself a new leather Coach wallet from the new men's outlet which had 20% off as well. We also got to indulge in some Coach water bottles. Cute!! Then we go home and what is in the mail??? My PCE!!!! So it's back to Oakbrook and I get my sequin purse. Her are the pics of my stash. Hope you like!!

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  2. Creat haul, congrats! I was at aurora this evening; they have some beautiful items in the men's store!
  3. I thought that was a Coach water bottle I saw in your Audrey reveal! Neat!
  4. YAHOO, beautiful!
  5. wow... WOW! congrats.
  6. sounds like you had a blast, OP
  7. Great haul! Sounds fun. Congrats :smile:
  8. LOL what is with the Coach water? They were giving it out at the preview event..
  9. Wow, She is a Beauty!
    Love your bag, Congrats!
  10. Thanks guys! Needless to say I am in love:heart: And the Coach water was given out at the Men's outlet 'cause it was the grand opening. It was a nice touch because I was super thirsty from running around in the women's outlet for an hour and it was just what I needed!!
  11. Love your bags, congrats!
  12. Nice haul, congrats
  13. Fun! I love your Audrey!! I love the water bottles!
  14. Your Audrey is beautiful!! The outlets are the best!!!
  15. Gorgeous!! Love that sequined bag! Good for you! Sounds like my kind of day. lol congrats!