Adults Only subforum?

  1. I thought I'd open up a thread about this because we've discussed it a bit in another thread. Obviously sex is a large and important part of relationships, and some of us are comfortable discussing it openly (but without being vulgar or inappropriate). However, it's been pointed out that there are younger members of the forum here, and that we need to keep things more PG-13.

    Sunshine mentioned that we could PM each other, but to take sex discussions elsewhere. I think a lot of us are just more comfortable here, have gotten to know each other, etc. and a lot of people don't have friends in "real life" that they could discuss sex with. Private messaging could be difficult; how do you know who would and wouldn't want to be in on them? I do understand the concern with having these topics, but they are also topics a lot of people would like to discuss in a mature manner.

    I just wanted to put the issue out there, so everyone could share their thoughts and ideas on the topic. Is an adults-only subforum a good idea for tPF? Do we need to stop discussing sex on the boards due to younger members being present? etc etc etc...
  2. I was just about to make a thread on this.
    I agree with most of what you say. We all have different limits on what we can talk about it. PG 13 is not the same for everyone.
    I also agree we are more comfortable here. You are still behind that internet facade...but in an environment you feel comfortable. I know that I feel more comfortable posting that kind of stuff here than I would on a sexual forum. There are many kinds of people that frequent this forum so you get more opinions. A sex oriented forum has mostly certain types of people so you get a biased opinion, been there done that.
    I think it is an important subject but we all have different feelings on talking about it. I am very open to talking about sex but recently i saw a thread that had it all pretty much in the subject line and it hit like a pile of bricks because there was just no warning. I think there should be some kind of limit on what can be discussed and how, like no slang terms or pictures. I think a subforum for it in the relationships or health forum WITH A DISCLAIMER would be much much better. I dont really think the underage kids is a huge issue, they are curious and discussing sex, which many of them cant do with their parents, helps. I know at that age I had lots of questions, and if I just went and had sex (thankfully i didnt) I know I would have been careless. However no matter what the age there are people who are not comfortable with it, so people should have to make an effort, and know what they are getting into, to see those topics, which is why I think a subforum is a good idea. Hope I made some really tired.
  3. I honestly think that we can survive without a sex-related forum.
    There is no way to make sure that a child could/would not read what we posted! Even if there was an age restriction, who is to say kids won't lie?
    Where do we draw the line in that forum, as well? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. I think children should be taught in all sex aspects: I'm definitely not for abstinence-only education. I do think, however, that opening up a subforum would be opening up a can o' worms.
  4. I don't see the need for it. There are sex threads in the Health and Relationship subforums already. Things that are more graphic can be discussed elsewhere.
  5. yeah..but some of those have been closed..I think we really need some kind of concrete guideline as to what is going too far.
  6. Two threads that were clearly graphic were closed. Maybe one should look at the sex threads that are still up as a guideline when posting.
  7. ^ I guess that's what I'm worried about, though, that threads openly discussing sex will start to be closed. We were told to use our judgment, but we all have different ideas of what is and isn't appropriate to discuss. It would be nice to have more clear guidelines, I guess. I think sex is important to discuss, especially in the context of a relationship, but there have been some really interesting threads about sex in general (about casual sex, sex before marriage, etc).

    So I guess I'm just wondering what's okay and what's not. Are the threads about penis size and things of that nature not okay, but it's okay to discuss ways to spice up your sex life?

    Sorry if I'm not making any sense, I still need to have my coffee.
  8. In the place of written rules, some already thriving threads on sex can be used as a general guideline. In "Relationships and Family" alone I see:

    Casual sex when not in a relationship..your thoughts?
    Routine sex

    Health and Fitness:
    Sex & Sexuality....and pornography!

    And I only posted the most recent threads.
  9. I can't post much now, family time on weekend mornings, but I hope Vlad doesn't allow it personally. . . . whole new set of issues will stem from it I fear.
    This IS a handbag website anyhow:shrugs:
    I too believe we don't need one to thrive.
  10. As much as I want to see an Over Forty subforum, I equally don't want to see an "Adult Only" forum. The can of worms would start with trolls because any "sex" search on Google or Yahoo it going to bring up tPF as a hit. You can only IMAGINE the smut that would start appearing and how much work it would be for the Mods to kept that type of forum cleaned up. I woudn't want the job.

    Nope. Don't need it.....
  11. Agree. What cannot be said appropriately in the relationships or health and fitness sub forums is better kept to yourself. TMI can be gross.
  12. I have a few extra minutes and wanted to repeat what I wrote before in Sunshine's thread. . .
    Usually people find us using a search engine - Google or soemthing else.
    If we allow certain topics, people that won't normally have any interest in our Forum, suddenly will.
    Likely this will mean people who don't have any of our best interests at heart if you KWIM.
    All trolls have to do is search for a few choice words that will lead them here, we'll have a whole new theme of trolls, people PMing you w/ lewd comments and such.

    I truly believe people ARE capable of having adult conversations here w/o getting graphic, and if they can't we'll edit or remove their comment. Really the same as usual:yes:
  13. I agree, no need for it. I think it would be easy to find out who wants to continue further with it and easily take that to pm. It sounds like it would do more harm than good. KWIM.
  14. I never thought about the Googling issues! Yikes.
  15. Originally, I thought, "What's the point of having a relationships forum if we can't discuss sex?" and then later "What's wrong with only using clinical terms?"

    I think I figured this out . . . and correct me if I'm wrong . . . but I don't think the problem is with discussing sex. I think the mods and admins have a problem only when specific parts or acts are discussed.

    This is why the parts and act threads were closed, but the casual sex, pornography and swingers threads were left open. The open threads are more general, whereas the closed threads were too graphic and specific.

    As Swanky mentioned, people could use specific terms in a Google search and this forum would come up.