"adult" board games, not too personal - just a ?

  1. Okay - without getting too personal (or ex-rated) I feel like a total dork that I bought an adult board game to give to my DH in his v-day basket.

    Is this normal to feel like a dork regarding this? For some reason, I am having a real hard time visualizing "us" actually playing the game, but, then I think "why did I buy it if I don't intend to try it?".

    so - I guess my question to you all is: for those of you adventurous enough to buy an adult game for you and your SO was the game a success or a bust? Did your SO think it was cheesy?

    Am I overthinking a v-day gift? :p
  2. No, I think a gift like that is perfectly acceptable and you are overthinking! I've never bought an adult game, but..other stuff...and it was quite a success.
  3. LOL..Go for it!!!!!!Bet you guys will have fun!heehee!Great idea!
  4. I don't think that's dorky at all! That's sweet!

    (But if you don't like the idea of a whole board game, you could just get him a set of intimacy dice. You know, the ones that say "kiss" or "touch" on one and a part of the body on the other.)
  5. I think you will have a blast...just relax and enjoy :smile:
  6. hahaha have fun:graucho: !!! maybe a glass of champagne would make a nice prelude!!
  7. Yes, it is normal to feel like a dork in that situation!

    No, you may never play it but I am sure your DH will love it and it will do the trick! ;)
  8. Thanks for the advice/opinions guys!! I appreciate it! :flowers: