Adult ADD???

  1. Hello all!

    About 2 weeks ago i went to the Dr. to get my Prozac upped, and i had a list with me of all of my problems and i talked to her for a while about them.

    Basically they all totally pointed to ADD. Not the hyperactive kind, but the daydreaming distractive kind.
    I've kind of always thought i had it, even when i was little/younger. (Daydreaming, did horrible in school, teachers called me a "space case")

    Every day i pretend to work and just daydream or get on the internet and do nothing. (have my own business... thank GOD for DH!)

    Anyhow, I just started my meds for it yesterday because Dr. wanted to get the Depression under control first... 30mg of Concerta once a day in the morning.

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so so so much better. I feel like i've been in a fog my whole life!!! I actually worked for 12 hours yesterday and got SO much done! It's wonderful!!!

    I'm just sooo afraid that all of a sudden they'll stop working and i'll be back to old "foggy" out-of-it me.

    I was wondering if anyone else here has adult ADD and if they take meds and how it's going for you. :shrugs:
  2. I have had experience with a child who was on Concerta and it did work well. It was also my experience that the meds did need adjusting every so often. However, if you have a good doctor, he should know the routine. I was with a guy (The child's father!) who was ADHD and refused to take was the single most, largest, mondo, horrible nightmare of my life!!! But in the end I took away a ton of education so my suggestion to you would be exactly that: educate yourself!! The more you know about it the better off you'll be! And you've already overcome the biggest hurdle and that is realizing that you have a problem!

    Good luck!!!!
  3. Thanks for the tips, ilikemike!
    I got a book called "Driven to Distraction" and it's helping me learn a lot. :yes:

    Thank GOODNESS for my wonderful patient DH. I don't know how he put up with my piles, messes, losing everything, forgetting everything, lack of note-taking, zoning out when he would talk to me, etc.
  4. I totally think I have ADD. totally unorganized, lose things, not focused, always zoning out at work, easily distracted, forget things, zone out while people are talking to sucks
  5. That's wonderful that you took the initiative! Meds are not always the answer...but you know...sometimes they're just the ticket!!

    Most adults...learn how to adapt in some way through years of practice and necessity. Many my age, were not diagnosed and not put on meds as children to 'take care of it', (our 'meds' were our parents telling us to 'get it together!') so adaption was necessary. But sometimes, it simply isn't in your case.
    Stop worrying and just enjoy your newfound 'enlightenment' and enjoy your 'new life'. I'm happy for you!!

    Here's a great resource for books that you might look into....but on second thought hehe better look for the audio versions!!;)

    And just like MSEL said "adaption is necessary" and being aware is the first and LARGEST step!!!!! Because in my situation even though my ex refused to take meds...that wasn't the problem! The problem was he refused to think there WAS a problem with his behavior!!! So, yes meds are always a personal choice. Do they help? Sometimes, yes, no, maybe? In my experiences I believe the BEST medicine is looking objectively at yourself and seeing what's going on! You've got that one down!!!! It will only get better from here................
  7. ditto honey, you're not alone.

    i was on adderol for a total of 2 years. one year in highschool and one year in voccational school.

    the second time i was on it (more recently) i stopped taking it cold turkey. i threw up for 2 weeks, and couldn't go anywhere or do anything. detox i guess. it was insane. i never went to a doctor since, but to the ER for pink eye once and strep once.

    now i'm terrified of all kinds of things! :wtf: i have SEVERE ADHD, and i'm 22. it's a nightmare!
  8. I think I have adult onset ADD but the doctor told me that it doesn't exist. . .I beg to differ
  9. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was five. They perscribed me Ritalin. A couple years ago, I wanted to try Strattera, because it was said to do the same thing as Ritalin, but it's not as addictive. I didn't like it and stopped taking it.

    Last year, I was tested and it turns out I didn't have ADD at all. I had a left brain learning disorder. They only thought it was ADD because the symptoms are really similar to each other.

    Because I spent so long taking ritalin and dealing with what I thought was one thing, I didn't want to talk about this newt thing. I didn't want therapy, I didn't want medication, I just wanted to be left alone.