adult acne

  1. Anyone else bothered by this? my skin was clear during pubity and all of a sudden this :crybaby:

    how do you deal with it, does it heal?
  2. mine is pretty mild and hormonal and none of the otc stuff helped (along with a good skin care routine). i went to the doc and got a prescription for a gel that cleared it up overnight. i suggest going to the doc if you're not having luck with otc products...i wish i'd gone sooner!
  3. Accutane!
  4. I started getting hormonal acne on my chin in my late 20's/early 30's. Never had any problems when I was younger. I use Proacitv & it cleared right up!
  5. proactive doesn't work on me.

    As for the prescribed solution, do you have to keep using it? or is it a one shot thing?
  6. I use clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel aka benza clin. I started having problems with my skin when I turn 44. really oily on chin and cheeks and dry on nose and forehead. This stuff works great it gets rid of the hard pimples that pop up before my cycle starts. You have to get a prescription from a doctor. I really clears up my dark spots and I love it.
  7. I started getting adult acne (and melasma). I got my hormones checked after the results showed an imbalance. I received a prescription for natural progesterone, and a couple of other supplements from a naturopath, then a compound pharmacist formulated it. Because the hormonal acne and some hyperpigmentation happened to me due to this imbalance (especially during specific times of the month), bio identical hormone replacement therapy was the only thing that cleared up both after trying every topical & antibiotics, rx & otc, on the market with either temporary or no change at all. It also helped my sleep patterns and energy level.
  8. I had perfect skin until I turned 24. Accutane was the only thing that helped me. Haven't had any problems since I took that wonder drug! I didn't have any scary side effects, just dry lips.
  9. but do you have to keep taking Accutane? Is it like Proactiv that has to be used forever?
  10. Seahorse - Accutane is a limited course of pharmacotherapy. The duration for a course of treatment can be from 4-6 months. Although sometimes another course of treatment may be needed. I have had 3 separate treatments over a span of almost twenty years.
  11. I have bad acne lately too. So I decided to change my skin care products to PCA. I have used it for barely 3 days and my skin has improved, acne has subsided and my blackheads are starting to emerge from below. Hopefully I'll be able to clear them after a few more weeks of exfoliation and mask.
  12. I took roaccutance, just one course for 2 months I think, It cleared it up forever! I get the odd spot but nothing like I did before.
  13. I used boscia skincare products religiously and my skin has never looked better. I also just bought a philip roth serum and my skin is softer and newer looking than it's ever been. Although around my time of the month my chin explodes like crazy! I hate it.
  14. My skin started freaking out a couple months ago, so I went to a dermatologist. I'm on antibiotics and using Klaron in the day + Retin A micro at night. My skin has really cleared up..I can go out without foundation, but I feel naked without it. Proactiv and Differin didn't work for me.
  15. I also call Accutane the WONDER DRUG, AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
    I tried everything under the sun and was pretty religious about the Natural approach vs. drugs. I finally decided I had enough, and the only regret was not starting Accutane SOONER!!!!!!!!!!