Adult Acne Question

  1. The skin on my chin recently decided it's time for puberty and I have a horrible break out on my hands. I've been so lucky my whole life and have never ever had problems with my skin. I've gone from my twice a day washing to now using serious treatment.

    My question is..... What is the best thing to use to 'draw out' belmishes? I don't want to squeeze them because I don't want scarring...but I do want to draw the infection to the top of the skin.

    Anyone have any good methods?
  2. Sometimes adult acne is too deep to do anything with, except let it disappear on it's own (atleast that happened with me). When I started getting this (and melasma), I took a saliva test which showed a hormone imbalance. Once I started taking natural progesterone, it took care of both problems in about 2-3 months after years of trying to take care of it with topicals and antibiotics. If they persist, it may be worth a try.
  3. Thank you so much. I'm going to give it thru Feb and if it's not gone I'll go see my doctor.
  4. I have this too, and so far the dermatologist I've been to hasn't helped at all. I have an appt. tomorrow and if I learn anything worthwhile (unlikely, considering there's been no improvement), I'll share. They are about to lose me as a patient.
  5. ^^Waa...I'm sorry!

    I swear I think I had 2 pimples from age 12 to age 19.... and I think I had 2 more from age 20-37...then the last half of last year I would get a blemish right around when my cycle should start ...but just one...two max. This last 6 weeks tho has been AWFUL. I swear my entire chin region looks like teenage-type puberty acne. It's ugly AND it's painful...I hate it.
  6. Accutane!
  7. more than likely if you are experiencing acne as an adult (I'm not talking about one two pimples every so often I'm talking about continuous breakouts) it is probably due to an hormone imbalance.
  8. It's almost impossible to keep hormone related acne under control with OTC stuff, in my experience. When breakouts start, they've got a life of their own. As soon as my blemishes heal, it's that time of the month and it starts all over again. I had a bad bout with it last month because of stress. It's so unsightly and quite painful.

    I've been applying this Bath & Body Works peppermint cream on my chin to sooth it. I keep forgetting but drinking lots of water helps, and an oil free moisturizer keeps your skin looking fresh. I am also using the gel from, it works to keep it from spreading.
  9. Is this available OTC? I've not heard of it.

    My mom said the same thing...I may need to bite the bullet and make an appt w/ my dr.

    Mine seem to be almost healed and new ones show up right beside the others. I'm praying for either meds that work or merciful death. It surprises me how uncomfortable it is. I've been so spoiled to clear skin my whole life. It's making me crazy.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and help!
  10. I've never had clear skin, but I sure didn't expect to have blemishes in middle age. I visited the dr. today and they gave me a Rx for a new product called Oracea. She mentioned Rosacea, but my skin doesn't look like what I consider Rosacea to be. My cheeks aren't red at all. I'll try it and see if it helps with the cheek and chin blemishes.

    Good luck, Voodoo. It's not fair, is it? After the teen years, acne should be gone.
  11. It's VERY not fair...especially since I'm also getting grey hair!!! :push:
  12. My doctor gave me anti-biotic for my acne, and it helped a bit. Then I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed me a cream called differin, and it really worked. I also heard that birth control pills are good for acne skin, but i haven't tried it yet. You should ask your doctor about it.
  13. Go directly to a dermatologist. I also had this flare up - I think around age 25 - and the only thing that helped was a prescription. It cleared everything right up. Don't frustrate yourself with OTC remedies....

    Oh, and Accutane is a very strong prescription medication - only to be used by those with very serious acne problems. It's a wonder drug, from what I hear, but one with very severe side effects.
  15. Accutane can give you seriously deformed babies. The back of every pill has a pregnant belly with a big red NO circle sign thing. You have to sign all kinds of papers saying you watched the birth defects video.. and it's hard to get a dermatologist to write a script for it unless you have jumped through a million hoops and tried everything else already. It scared the crap out of me too.. but supposedly it stops your skin from producing oil.. which also somehow affects your tears and a host of other things. I've heard it's worth it though for people who have exhausted every other option.

    I'm guessing you're probably not there yet. Lol. You were saying it's unfair that this is happening now.. I say it's unfair you haven't ever had it until now! Juuust kidding. I'm guessing hormones too. You can probably take care of it without ever having to try the millions of products the rest of us have. NOT FAIR!!! :p