Ads right in the middle of threads?

  1. is this something new? I am seeing eluxury ads popping up right in the middle of threads in between posts! Why is this happening-will it be like this all the time now?

  2. I was just wondering the same thing... is this just for elux's special sale?? Having an ad in between posts is a little hard for those of us who are mildly ADD :lol:
  3. The sidebar approach that I tried a few weeks back causes the board to load slowly in Internet Explorer. This way we can work with our sponsors and still keep the board as fast as possible.
  4. I don't mind seeing elux ads. I loveee elux!! :graucho:
  5. NAP is in the mix, too.
  6. LOL my feelings exactly!! I'll be in the middle of reading something... and then think "ooh let's click on the ad and see what's new at elux" :lol:
  7. The ads don't bother me at all no matter where they are placed.

    I know they are there to help support tPF, plus it's a good reminder to check out what's available!
  8. Don't mind the ads at all. I think they are integrated into the site very nicely!
  9. And makes us even more dirt poor! :rolleyes::amuse:
  10. i am getting used to it now.. it was wierd the first time i saw it..
  11. I did notice that the site runs faster. Great going Vlad! Now when I keep getting purses I can explain it to my DH as "But honey I was reading a thread and then this link appeared, like it was meant to be!" lol :lol:
  12. they aren't bothering me at all . . . I laso am noticing that they're seeming to be just under the first post{?}
    I like it this way. . . it's like one post in 2 inches longer. . . no problems for me!
  13. I don't mind at all.

    Just glad to know that they are supposed to be there.
  14. Vlad- I love these ads way more than the old ones!
  15. We have been trying to find a better ad placement... glad to hear you like this way!! It should run smooth and the ads are kinda cool!!

    Anyhow, it reminds you if you are going to buy something to support our sponsors :amuse: :flowers: