Adrienne Bailon

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  2. She is so pretty.. Her and Rob make a great couple! Hope they last.
  3. She's cute. I like her and Rob Kardashian together. I hope they last, too!
  4. ^ITA. They seem so sweet with each other.
  5. Who is she?
  6. She plays in the Cheetah Girls movies and she is Rob Kardashians GF.
  7. she's cute
  8. She has great skin
  9. isn't there something changed about her?can't figure it out. Looks pretty anyways
  10. she kind of looks like shes lost a bit of weight since the past cheetah girls movie
  11. She's such a cutie! And I love her with Rob Kardashian...hopefully they stay together! His sisters seem to really love her too...aww...
  12. she is very pretty!
  13. i like when she's on keeping up with the kardashians. I heard her and rob have a reality show in the works.
  14. She looks gorgeous!
  15. im happy that the kardashian sisters like her .

    sister in laws can be a pain in the ass