Adrianna Papell: Please help me pick Prom dresses or any special events?

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    Please help me pick the dress for the prom and I could use more often in later on.
    The style looks good the age between 18 to 28
    More colors

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  2. I would go and try these on. They look differently once its actually on you.
    And I know a lot of people who splurged on prom, and only wore the dress that night.
  3. If it is between the 2 pictured, I think the one on the right looks best for a younger person. The style looks younger.

  4. Agreed. The right one
  5. I'd go with the 2 nd- looks more youthful as well as lighter. Those Adrianna Paplelle sequined dresses can be quite heavy!
  6. Thank you so much for great feedback.

    Do think that is okay to wear one of these dress to wedding? Do you think it sparkles too much?

    One more questions what color should i get?

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  7. I mean the second one. Got most likes

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  8. It seems a little formal for a wedding mostly because it's long; it strikes me as more of a Mother of bride or groom dress- not that it's matronly, just a bit dressy for a " regular wedding guest", IMO
  9. Depends on your own colouring, I like the Champagne or the Navy, but the champagne looks fresher
  10. The color really depends on you. I am drawn to navy, but that is a color that looks nice on me.
  11. I agree with the others that say the dress on the right is more youthful
    As far as which color to chose, it does depend on which colors look best on you. What is your hair color, your skin tone, your eye color for instance.
    I wouldn't wear it to a wedding, if it was short then maybe.
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