Adriana Lima's Bags

  1. I follow the gear donned by one of the most beautiful and style-setting woman in the world, Miss Adriana Lima. Please help me ID this shoulder bag she is wearing at the Timbalada show in January. Here are some photos:




    Any ideas much appreciated!!
  2. No clue, but she is just to beautifull. Great figure , Im so jealous, Note to self. must go to gym
  3. she is sooo gorgeous!!

    haah sorry dont know anything about the bag just had to toss that in !:smile:
  4. Def a cute bag! I, also, would like to know.
  5. Um.. it looks like a Balenciaga classique? sorta... the leather looks weird though.

    From the whipstitched handles, to the tassels... I dunno... it resembles one.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking, Luna...the straps are much longer though, right? Hmmm... wonder what it is?
  7. I read an article that she made a "Luca Luca" handbag really popular by wearing it...but couldn't find anything online- does that seem familiar to anyone?
  8. It's a shame we cannot I.D. the bag :sad: I thought perhaps because it is worn by a celebrity, the name would be well-known to the most savvy bag-toter among us. I've resorted to doing some research in hot pursuit for a look-alike. These are what I've come across. Albeit, they are all of a dimension much larger and of a design much more complicated than the one Adriana dons in the photo, I suppose they are similar alternatives. What do you think?

    Valentina- found on eBay, 15x10


    The famous Balenciaga Classique, as suggested by Luna

    Thank you guys for your input!
  9. it's def. look like the balenciaga flat brass classique from 2001-2002 where they have the longer shoulder straps. BUT... the leather looks plasticky somehow.

    here's mine to compare :
    black fbf 02


    caramel fbf (to show the longer handles)

    adn ALSO, the buckles on lima's bag seems weird. it's squarish not roundish like balenciaga :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Good detective work, ladies! Jude00, can I ask where you found the Corsia bags you posted? I :heart:them, but can't find them you have a link or more info? THX!
  11. Hi betnyp! Visit to peep more Corsia baggies. It's in Japanese, however! You'll find a slew of other brands with gorgeous bags you won't be able to find out here in the states. Another one of my favorites is Regalo. The brands are listed on the left side of the page. If you need help navigating the site, let me know! And seahorseinstripes, thanks for your photos, I'm going to get myself a classique now :"P