Adriana Castro croc tote I won in the TPF Nov giveaway

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  1. It's gorgeous! :drool: Congrats! Love the color and the interior.
  2. That's awesome! Thanks for posting, I always wonder who wins those giveaways!
  3. Congrats! She is beautiful...
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. GASP!!!!!!! :drool::heart:
  6. yay!!!! Don't you just love love love it?!?! It is a STUNNER!!!
  7. You lucky girl! It looks fabulous!!
  8. wow! congrats!!!
  9. congrats ...a lovely bag and gorgeous color
  10. :heart::love:YES I DO!!!!!!:love::heart:
    This is truly a gorgeous bag!!! I have never owned a purse so beautiful and classy. And it smells so good and the inside lining is the softest suede I have ever felt
    , I have to find someplace to go so I have a good excuse to carry such a beautiful tote.:love:
    I am on
  11. It's so beautiful, something I would def buy. Find as many excuses as you can to use it. :smile:
  12. OH i plan to use her alot. I never go anywhere classy enough for croc but thats ok Ill wear her and bring the classy feel with me wherever I go!

    which reminds me I have no clue how to care for or protect Crocodile skins any suggestions from anyone with Croc or exotic skin experience. is croc fragile? should I use only with extreme caution? or keep her dry and use her well??? Thanks I want to know how to keep her safe and beautiful and yet show her to the world.
  13. Congrats to you!! :yahoo: It's a beauty
  14. It's absolutely beautiful, and so classic! Find many places to wear that beauty!