Adornments for Tivoli?

  1. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2008 be a year of health & happiness, peace & prosperity for all. On to my question (shallow obsessing at its finest!): What little bauble would go best with the Tivoli? With the pleating and the beautiful zipper pull it already has, is adding a cles, pastilles, or keychain too much?

    I've looked through the pics on the Tivoli thread in the Clubhouse already and didn't see any "adornments." What do all of you think? Should I get something to "dress her up" or just leave her as she is? (P.S. I have the GM, and I'm thinking about the Brown Pastilles Key Ring.)
  2. I posted a picture of my Tivoli gm in the clubhouse a few days ago but you have to click on the link to photobucket. I have my mirage bandeau adorneing my lovely tivoli if you want to see what that looks like :smile:
  3. I think the Tivoli has such a feminine shape with the pleating, it doesn't need adornment.
  4. I think it would look cool with the Pastilles chain!
  5. I love the pastilles!!!!
  6. How about the LOVE bandeau?
  7. pixiefrog, your Tivoli looks SO pretty with the mirage bandana! I didn't realize it was so purple-y.
    John5, you are the best thing to happen to my LV wardrobe (and the WORST to my checkbook, hahaha!)
    SweetPurple, I actually HAVE that bandeau, but here in snow/rain country, the last thing I would put on my bag would be a silk scarf.:sad:

    Keep your ideas coming, everyone, and thanks!
  8. I am contemplating taking my Tivoli out for her first outing tomorrow and was thinking Jack and Lucie would be cute!
  9. I think she looks great just the way she is.