Adorn body with $$$ bags, clothes etc but nourish it with sodium, fat and chemicals?

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  1. Sorry if this makes no sense to anyone else but I think I had a epiphany today!

    I have a fabulous wardrobe and only buy good quality items that I keep and wear forever. I'm decorated quite well but I'm nourished (or malnourished) with fast food junk!

    Now, I wouldn't dare wear/carry poor quality things but I eat them all day every day! That makes no sense! I do work full time and then some, have a family and it's been so easy to drive thru or go to a restaurant but enough is enough. From now on, I must take care of the inside at least as well as I do the outside.

    Well, I went to the Farmers Market and spent twenty dollars (one fast food meal for family) and have enough fruits and vegetables to last a whole week. Then I bought skinless chicken breasts, oatmeal, eggs and a George Foreman grill (not from the Farmers Market though).

    So now it's official, no junk on the outside and no junk on the inside! :yahoo:
  2. I did the same thing back in December, fell off the wagon for a bit due to illness and am now back on it again! It's a great habit to start and maintain. Good for you!!
  3. Thanks for sharing this with me! Do you have lots more energy? What do I have to look forward to? Tell me everything!
  4. I love that you are doing it to be healthy and good to your body, not to lose weight. good for you!
  5. George Forman Grill= best thing since sliced bread and purses!
  6. I'm off to work and plan to eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast, taking a container of mixed greens for lunch and an orange for snack. Dinner is going to be grilled chicken breast and veggies. I know I'll be good during the day...when I get home I usually plop down in front of TV and all bets are off! Not tonight though, I'm thru with "junkin!"
  7. good for you! actually the money you will save is just unreal - check it out, I am sure you can buy another super fancy bag with that!

    my family is all about healthy eating, and we all work full-time, so it is all about taking some time for nourishing yourself.

    btw, our TV doesn't work - but even when it did, we have a no junk in the house rule - apples and carrots will do the trick!
  8. If you're healthy on the inside it will shine through on the outside... It will make your clothes & bags look even better than before! So keep on munching those veggies! :p
  9. Good for you! You might even lose a few pounds in the process, which is a nice bonus. I don't think changing over to better eating habits is as hard as everyone makes it out to be. After some time, you don't miss all the greasy, fatty, salty, processed garbage. In fact, I find the smell that emanates from all the fast food joints in the mall food court revolting, and I used to eat there!
  10. Thanks for the encouragement ladies, it's not been as hard as I previously thought! Actually, eating an apple or an orange really is satisfying and I feel so much better already!
  11. I'm so happy for you! This is one great decision. We should all take better care of our bodies. If I may make a recommendation: drink lots of water! It'll take all the ugly junk out of you and you'll feel lighter. It also clears up your skin. Let us know how you're doing, I'm sending you a hug!
  12. You are a great motivation for us all! We're so proud of you! :smile: I've been trying and trying to eat better, but it's so hard when everybody else is eating junk all around.. must.. fight.. the junk!
  13. Clean eating is what gives athletes their edge; it is what allows natural bodybuilders to attain that chiseled look. My husband and I are both very fitness-oriented-he's a clean powerlifter (no drugs) and I teach martial arts and group fitness classes and am hoping to break into amateur natural bodybuilding soon. Stick with it and your skin will also be glowing and energy will go through the roof!
  14. BTW--Tosca Reno has a book out called "Clean Eating" it is a wonderful tool to show you the effects this will have on your life and also how to do it! She didn't begin until she was 40-now she is 47 and a figure model for fitness magazines like Oxygen!