Adoring My Sunset Amarante!

  1. I have been using my sunset for the past week or so and am just adoring it so much! I have a coat that is the same color, and with the temperature at about 9%; it's all working real good. I'll put the sunset in my large Marc Jacobs to carry notebooks, vernis agendas (2) ipod, etc etc from parking lot to office (about 15 minute walk); then pull my sunset out to ogle her all day and use her around campus with credit cards, keys, phone. I always use her with her chain. I loved her in the summer (got her in Vegas in July); but she's perfect for the winter too:yahoo: I can't really imagine her in any other color that I would love as much as Amarante. I have pomme agenda and lexington, and haven't seen violette in person. But, an Amarante sunset is the ultimate for me, today...:yes:
    Post 2 Sunset Dolce.jpg
  2. I love it!!! I'm so jealous!!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats, I love amarante too!
  4. Thanks Laura and Sweetpurple, if I wasn't broke and in lvoe, I might get violette too... but, amarante is really enough:love::girlsigh:
  5. It's beautiful, and I like how you have a plan all worked out for it ! :yes:
  6. Gorgeous!! Congrats
  7. Thanks Ayla and Lady chinadoll and here's a little closer pic of her...
    Crop Sunset Dolce.jpg
  8. SOOOooo insanely jealous!! I want one SO badly!! It looks darling on you!
  9. Thank you Mickalia! I hope you get one, so worth the $$$...
  10. Congrats to you!! I love amarante as well....such a unique color.
  11. Such a beautiful sunset. The chain really makes it special.
  12. thanks girlsgottashop and disney4us, I love the chain too. I want to use her as a clutch, but when it comes right down to it, I just can't seem to leave the chain behind. I'm kind of a purist... and, if she comes with the chain, I want to keep her with the chain....although, I have used her in my epi alma as a wallet without the chain... but, not today....
  13. WOW! That is one stunning bag! Amarante is my favorite Vernis color! (I have the Summit Drive and adore it.) I want one!:tup:
  14. looks gorgeous on you! love your entire outfit!!
  15. She is gorgeous on you :nuts: