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  1. Used it all weekend, and it's so light and airy and fun to use. I get compliments on it a lot, and from people who don't even know or care it's LV, just cause it's cute.... Today, I'm actually using my Perle Bedford for work.... boy, do I love that! Azure something would be so beautiful inside the Perle or out side, like Azure Speedy 25 and Perle agenda... yeah!

    does everyone love their mini pochette. It feels and handles so different than a regular pochette, but I still have what I need... sorry to go on and on , I'm just an LV addict on good behavior for awhile:P sorry, no pics... you're spared..haha
  2. Awww...sounds like you're in love LOL
  3. :love: :love: :love: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. are so funny..

    My pochette in the box already and wrapped. I got regular one because it's bigger but I will use gold chain instead of vachetta, so I will have removable gold chain instead of non removable one ;) :roflmfao: LOL just love to tease you my friend
  5. Okay, Nita, your's will be bigger and the gold chain will be total bling, but YA GOTSTA feel the mini, there's nothing like it!!!??? Do you have one? I want the regular one too, you got azur, right?

  6. :yes: :yes: regular pochette and speedy 25, Swear, almost got that mini, it's so cute with the chain. But SA told me I can buy the chain for accordian purse or marais if I want. So I will get the chain with regular pochette bag plus it's removable.
  7. I love mine too. The mini pochettes are so cute! I'd be so dead if they decided to come out with mini MC or Vernis pochettes :s
  8. Yup--took my damier ebene to a holiday party saturday and got tons of compliments!
    Glad you are enjoying yours Vee!:supacool:
  9. Yep. Nita, you've talked me into the Azur Speedy 25; but am selling my townhouse first.... I actually have my priorities... ouch, that hurts... but, no choice... I'm loving using my Perle Bedford today too!

    yes, Elle, I'd be so dead with a vernis or mc mini, they better NOT do that!!!!!
  10. oooh, that is soooo sophisticated, gives me chills.... YAY!!!! minis!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Veronika, isn't the cutest little pochette?
    And were have you been hiding lately?
  12. I've been very sick Pinki, the flu or something, horrible... thanks for missing me, I've missed you too!:heart: :yes:

  13. You're sooo creative with all your things, you totally make them "yours", I like that a lot.:graucho: :smile:
  14. I cannot wait to get mine!! I'm so excited it hurts...I know I'm going to want to get more as soon as I see it and after the last couple of days that I've been having...I deserve more!! :smile:
  15. So sorry to hear you have been ill....seeing you back, I hope that means you are feeling better:sad: