Adore Me - so underrated

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  1. Hi everyone

    I just received a black crash Adore Me yesterday and want to give a quick review. I've been wondering about the Adore Me for a long time but never took the plunge. I decided to buy the Enchant Me first because it has more character and detail compared to a somewhat plainer and simpler AM. I'm surprised at how much I love this bag when I got it yesterday. It's extremely light weight, especially in the black crash leather. Stays on the shoulder well, a little better than EM because the strap drop is shorter. This is a plus for me but for those who prefer longer strap drop, you might not like it. The profile is slim so it lay against my body nicely. I love the way it slouches after putting some content in it. It's such an underrated bag (I did a search on it before buying and didn't find too many reviews) so I want to give it a thumbs up for those who would like to try this style.

    I bought it on sale from the boutique Charlie and Sam in Brooklyn, thanks to a poster in the Deal & Steal section. I got the last Adore Me though :smile: They had a few BE bags for 50% off and the owner was very nice to work with. They do charge send so call them up if you're looking for something.

    Here's a quick picture of it. I have black crash before so I know that this is the old black crash, not the new one.

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  2. Oh! It looks really nice in your picture. I love the way the black crash leather gives it a certain drape and texture.

    Remind me - does the AM have two straps or one? Do you think it's kind of like a Stroke Me but with a flat bottom?

    I can't wait to see it IRL. We will have to arrange a bag date once the rest of my stuff arrives! :smile:
  3. Thank you so much Serene Run for your review - you know, there was an Adore Me on Bonanzle for a while that I just couldn't stop staring at. It was an gorgeous apple green and it just kept getting my attention. I really appreciate your review!

    hi dogdoc ~ from my memory, I think the Adore Me is a single strap, but Serene can let us knw for certain.
  4. The Adore Me is definitely a single strap. I have this in Dark PUrple glossy and have a Dark Grey Matte on order.

    Serene - glad to hear you finally managed to get your hands on one.

    The AM is similar to a Stroke Me but does have a much flatter bottom, so your stuff doesn't all fall into a heap in the bottom.

    I hope BE brings out more of these as a stock item. There was a silver one on Bonanzle for a while - if it had been in Pewter I would have snapped it up.
  5. Ooooh, I like it! Thanks for the review! I'm still looking for a good hobo and was curious about this one...nice to know that it has a shorter strap drop since a lot of them feel too long to me.
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    Looove my adore me. In fact I adore my Adore Me --it's such a lovely bag. Gets two thumbs up from me. So amazingly lightweight too!

    There aren't many modeling pics of the Adore me, so here's my matte tan...I'm 5'6" US size 12



    I carry this bag a lot, lol.
  7. Great pic, Merika! It looks fabulous on you!
  8. Love the black crash, Serenerun and your modeling pics Merika!:tup:

    Hello Dogdoc! It's been ages.:peace:
  9. ^^^
    OMG, I love that modeling pic-thank you!! Great, now I want one and there aren't any on their website!! That tan looks smooshy and tdf! Funny, it looks a lot different on then I thought it would.
  10. Merika that bag looks fabulous on you!

    And the single strap, is it hand threaded? It looks hand threaded from here, lol.

    This handbag looks so great on!
  11. Thank you :heart:

    Lovehandbags: the single strap is hand threaded. I like the single strap.

    In the beginning the bag was really stiff and the shape was different - sort of roundish, like the old pics on the website if anyone remembers them. But after a while the corners kind of smushed in a little bit and the bag looks like in my first photo.
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. I agree with you SereneRun I have always thought the Adore Me was underrated. I bought one of the first Adore Me's and have really enjoyed this hobo. It is easy to carry, light weight and a great size. I would highly recommend this BE style it is a really great bag.
  14. Thanks for the picture! I've never seen this bag in black crash before and it is gorgeous!

    djfmn, your AM in petrol is gorgeous too!

    Did they ever make this bag in a midi size? I may have to explore this in BEC.
  15. crazybagmo, there was never a midi size for the Adore Me. I don't think the bag needs to be any smaller though. I saw in your pic in another post that you have a Love Me Midi right? I would say capacity wise, the AM is very similar to the LM Midi.